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Dec 02 2020

Is a Weakened USD a “Dream Scenario for Crypto”?

As the USD continues to drop in value, Bitcoin hodlers believe that BTC could be up for an increase.

Dec 01 2020

Will Facebook’s Libra Launch in January? Experts Weigh In

A scaled-down version of Libra is reported to be launched in January, but the regulatory path forward is still unclear.

Nov 30 2020

US Dollar Plummets to Lowest Point in 2.5 Years: Report

The dollar's drop comes on the heels of a global market surge that took place throughout the month of November.

DeFi Platform ‘Sushiswap’ Attacker Foiled by Dev Team’s Quick Moves

The attacker made off with $10,000 to $15,000, all of which will be restored by the Sushiswap Treasury.

“Price Follows Hash Rate”: Bitcoin’s Mining Activity & Difficulty On the Rise

Despite a double-digit percentage price drop last week, Bitcoin's mining activity sends a bullish signal.

Nov 26 2020

Bitcoin & Ether Plummet More than 10% Each: The End of the Bull Run?

The upward motion that BTC & ETH saw over the past few weeks seems to have ground to a halt.

Nov 25 2020

How Can Tech Companies Connect with Clients in a Post-COVID World?

Four marketing experts discussed the "new norm" at the Finance Magnates Virtua Summit on November 18th.

DeFi & the Future: Does Decentralization Have the power to Change Finance?

Expert commentary from Teana Baker-Taylor, Lex Sokolin, Chen Arad, Stani Kulechov, and Stephen D. Palley.

Nov 24 2020

Bitcoin’s “Curse of $20,000”: Will We See $20K Before Christmas?

BTC is "just $2,000 away from that legendary $20k mark... a movement that could easily occur [within] hours.”

Nov 23 2020

KuCoin Resumes Deposits & Withdrawals of All Tokens After September Hack

Certain tokens may have some withdrawal restrictions due to “ongoing judicial proceedings.”

OCC’s Proposed Rule Could Relieve Pressure on Crypto Banking Relationships

The proposed rule could ensure fair access to banking services to "legal but disfavored" companies & industries.

Nov 20 2020

Nov 19 2020

Nov 18 2020

CoolBitX’s Sygna Bridge Evaluated by ACCESS Association: Report

CoolbitX’s Sygna Bridge was evaluated according to a set of requirements set out under Singapore’s PSA.

Busted! Crypto Ponzi Schemer Apprehended After ‘Sea Scooter’ Escape Attempt

44-year-old Matthew Piercey is up against multiple charges connected to two crypto-related Ponzi scheme firms.

Nov 17 2020

Nov 16 2020

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Cash Trust AUM Shrinks by $1.6M After BCH Hard Fork

Since the hard fork was announced, BCH users have been sending large amounts of BCH through cryptocurrency exchanges.

KuCoin Plans to Launch Non-Fungible Token Exchange: Report

“Although NFTs don't have enough market attention at present, the potential is great,” said KuCoin CEO Johnny Liu.

Pakistan Exploring Crypto Regulations? SECP Publishes Exploratory Report

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan published a document studying digital asset regulatory structures.

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