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Apr 27 2022

Fiat Money As A Dialectical Monolith, Bitcoin As A Benevolent Solution

Apr 27 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  adoption culture fiat opinion philosophy

Bitcoin as a pushback against the status quo can only truly be adopted when the way in which we view our world escapes that of fiat framing.“...[Georg Wilhelm Friedrich] Hegel’s dialectic process exhibits a triadic movement. Usually this triadic structure of the dialectic process is described as a movement from thesis to antithesis and finally to a synthesis, after which the synthesis...

Mar 16 2022

Bitcoin As Mutuality And Global Barter

Mar 16 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  community culture ideas money opinion

Bitcoin is a system that benefits from mutual cooperation like barter versus the current money system of extraction.Barter is an economic system in which money is, for all intents and purposes, absent. I give you guitar lessons, you give me chickens. There is no medium of exchange, other than the actual goods, services, expertise, etc. It wasn’t all that long ago that...

Mar 01 2022

The Bitcoin Epoch And Mohandas K. Gandhi

How do the attributes of Bitcoin relate to the values of love and harmony that Mohandas Gandhi placed such importance on?Quotes beneath headers are attributed to Mohandas K. Gandhi.My goal in writing this piece is not simply to provide the reader with a small window into Mohandas Gandhi as a thinker, teacher, guru and mortal man, but to see how we...

Feb 26 2022

How Bitcoin Ends Injustice And The Importance Of Orange-Pilling Activists

It is obvious that the world cares about injustice, but the incentives systems of money must align with justice in order for solutions to occur.Decoupling Exploitation From Gain: How Bitcoin Ends Injustice And The Importance of Orange-Pilling The Activist CommunityTens of millions of people in the United States consider themselves activist- and social justice- minded; individuals engaged in some form of...

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