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Aug 10 2021

Bitcoin IRAs Enable Tax-Shielded Investment And Propel The Circular Economy

Aug 10 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ira stacking sats taxes

How IRAs can solve Bitcoin’s capital gains tax problem, enable a Bitcoin standard and push the Bitcoin circular economy forward.In May 2021, I had just finished a pretty intense 12 months of helping take OC Bitcoin Network from a monthly meetup to a weekly meetup. In addition to the meetup work, over that same 12 months I...

Sep 30 2020

Four Lies About The Bitcoin Circular Economy

A Bitcoin circular economy is a closed-loop system that designs out all of the corruption and headache of dealing with central bank-issued money. As savings technology is still the largely dominant story for Bitcoin, it’s helpful to take a closer look at a few lies about a topic that’s growing in popularity: the Bitcoin circular economy. A Bitcoin circular economy requires ways to...

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