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Apr 13 2021

Polkadex IDO Launches on Polkastarter on the 16th of April

One of the most anticipated projects of 2021, Polkadex, announced its Initial DEX Offering in partnership with Polkastarter launchpad. A non-custodial high- frequency trading decentralised exchange Polkadex is getting ready for...

Binance Launches Zero Commission Tradable Stock Tokens Fractionalized Equity Ownership Enables Greater Financial Participation

Binance, the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange, today announces the launch of zero commission tradable stock tokens to broaden access across traditional capital and cryptocurrency in cooperation with CM-Equity AG, a licensed investment firm in Germany, and Swiss-based Digital Assets AG, an asset tokenization platform. Each digital token represents one share of equity stock and is fully backed...

Apr 10 2021

4 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021.

In the 21st century, it has become clear that money is no longer limited to bills, coins, and credit cards. This is also giving rise to speculation that we may...

Apr 08 2021

Uhive – First Social Network to Create NFTs for Users’ Profiles!

Uhive is a revolutionary new British creator-first social network that has made it its mission to turn current social networks’ business models on their head! The cosmic themed social network is the first social network to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for its users’ profiles (spaces) and that’s just the tip of Uhive’s disruptive technology.

Apr 06 2021

Apr 05 2021

EQIBank Partners with Unido For Blockchain Solutions

EQIBank has announced that Unido will become its institutional partner for blockchain solutions. The agreement specifies that EQIBank will be utilizing a customised version of Unido Insto, which is the institutional bank-in-a-box solution built on Unido’s fragmented key signing technology.

Wisebitcoin Airdrops Symbol Tokens (XYM) and Adds the XYM/USDT Trading Pair to All Traders

Wisebitcoin, a fast-growing cryptocurrency trading platform, recently opened trade of the Symbol token (XYM) with Tether (USDT) to all professional traders beginning March 22. The launch of the XYM/USDT trading pair was accompanied by an airdrop of XYM tokens to holders of XEM, the native token of NEM, the New Economy Movement project.

FXT Emerging as an Ideal Project to HODL and Earn

March 16, 2021: FXT – running ICO sale for global investors – has garnered a massive amount of attention from media and crypto investors globally. The major factors contributing to its popularity include its low price and high potential to amplify the profits of investors.

Apr 02 2021

Hips Payment Group Launches Merchant Token (MTO), a Cryptocurrency That Will Bring Consumer Protection to Blockchain Payments

Solution supports decentralized finance (DeFi) trend with consumer protection via smart contracts. DUBLIN, Ireland (April 1, 2021) – HIPS Payment Group Ltd., a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and...

Apr 01 2021

Phemex to auction community driven QaRT NFT

Phemex crypto exchange and futures trading platform is proceeding on creating their first NFT, a piece of QaRT artwork that is to be auctioned on open OpenSea starting with April 12nd.

Mar 25 2021

Froge Coin Announces NFT Platform Launch

Froge has announced its own NFT platform that will make this coin the highlight in the crypto-world. NFTs, Non-fungible tokens, are one of the most well-known cryptocurrency phenomena in the mainstream.

Mar 24 2021

1inch partners with Ren and announces joint farming program

Continuing with a successful model for farming programs, the 1inch and Ren teams have formed what is expected to be a long lasting and fruitful relationship that will provide multiple advantages to users of both platforms.

Mar 22 2021

1xBit Casino Users can Now Bet with Provably Secure Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has been one of the success stories of the 2020/2021 crypto bull market and has soared into the Coinmarket top 5 over the last few months with no sign of slowing down. As a leader in the crypto betting industry 1xBit casino recognises that the provably secure nature of the ADA token makes it an ideal option for the crypto betting...

Bitsz: The Future of Digital Trading is Decentralized

With the total market capitalization for the cryptocurrency market at a record $1.7 Trillion dollars 2021 is experiencing a bull market buoyed by mainstream adoption and institutional investment for the first time in its history. The ICO fueled market bubble of 2017 has been replaced by tangible blockchain technology adoption in almost every major global industry.

Mar 19 2021

Cometh Launches New Layer 2 DEX on Polygon, Fueled by DeFi and NFTs

Innovative blockchain game Cometh has launched ComethSwap, its own Layer 2 decentralized exchange. The announcement was made on Cometh’s official social media accounts with more details explained by the team. The new exchange lets users swap any ERC20 token at a low cost with high transaction speeds.

Mar 17 2021

Earn Passive Income with Xminer Cloud Mining

Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the best ways to make money in the cryptocurrency industry. However, mining profitable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be expensive since it requires high-end computing machines.

[Updated] How to Earn Passive Income at Home

The cryptocurrency market has blossomed in the past few months as Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $59,000, which has in turn increased the demand to mine these digital assets. However, crypto mining remains way out of reach to most investors due to the cost of mining equipment and electricity costs.

Mar 16 2021

Top Freelancing platforms to use in 2021

The mayhem of 2020 left many of us with a lot to consider. Not knowing where the next paycheck was coming from, the bills piling up, was a direct cause for stress, worry and anxiety. But not just that.

FreeBitco.in Premium: $600M iGaming Giant Takes FUN Token to the Next Level

One of the key developments for FUN holders this quarter has been the FreeBitco.in Premium Membership Program, a venture that utilizes FUN as a loyalty token for FreeBitco.in’s 41 million registered users. Let’s take a look at it.

How to Earn Passive Income at Home

The cryptocurrency market has blossomed in the past few months as Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $59,000, which has in turn increased the demand to mine these digital assets. However, crypto mining remains way out of reach to most investors due to the cost of mining equipment and electricity costs.

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