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Nov 24 2020

How to invest in the US market using cryptocurrencies

A new broker has been calling the attention of the market in the last months. Passfolio Securities is a US registered broker-dealer available in more than 170 countries that’s democratizing investment opportunities. Passfolio offers a mobile app and web platform that allow users to fund their accounts with local deposit methods to invest in 3,800+ US stocks, ETFs and REITs from the US...

Mooniswap brings its next-generation AMM protocol by 1inch to NEAR

In less than a month since the unrestricted Mainnet has been live, the NEAR community is hard at work to bring best in class applications to the platform. Mooniswap by 1inch.exchange is the latest addition to a vibrant ecosystem of protocols building on NEAR.

Nov 23 2020

Paradox Group Launches new Crypto Marketplace

Many blockchain and digital asset companies find it hard to advertise effectively. Not only have these companies been barred from mainstream advertising networks like Facebook and Google Ads, but they must often work with individual publishers or subpar advertising companies to market their services/products.

Nov 19 2020

Matic Network Joins Ethereum as the Second Blockchain to Integrate Chainlink Price Feed Oracles

We are happy to announce that Chainlink has been successfully deployed live on Matic Network as our recommended oracle solution for developers. Matic is the second blockchain, after Ethereum, to actively integrate Chainlink Price Feed oracles!

1xBit Introduces New Casino Slot Tournament MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

Introducing MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, the latest 1xBit Casino slot tournament that whisks players away to a Wild West adventure where they can win an attractive prize fund of 500mBTC and more than 1500 free spins. The slot game takes players deep into the world of the wild west plains with cozy towns of lively characters.

Nov 17 2020

Crypto.com Joins the International Digital Asset Exchange Association

Crypto.com has become a member of the International Digital Asset Exchange Association (IDAXA). The organization sets industry standards and plays a major role in advancing dialogue regarding proposed regulations. The admission of Crypto.com into IDAXA is indicative of how the cryptocurrency app and exchange platform is committed to this shared goal and mission.

Nov 11 2020

1inch Integrates with MyEtherWallet

As 1inch team aims to offer users more diverse options for crypto swapping and staking, also improving their experience, today 1inch announces an integration with MEW (MyEtherWallet), a well-known wallet and client interface for interaction with the Ethereum blockchain.

Nov 08 2020

Spend Crypto on Amazon and Other Top E-Commerce Platforms with Shopping.io

The adoption of digital assets is trending upwards, but cryptocurrency holders still can’t spend their coins at many of the most popular retail services. Whether it’s because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies or just the fact that the technology is still fresh, major platforms like Amazon, eBay and Walmart do not accept cryptocurrency for payments.

Nov 05 2020

Bybit becomes new International Champion Partner of Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund (“BVB”) is further driving its international marketing and expanding its presence in Asia. The club is excited to launch a global multi- year partnership with the innovative tech company Bybit.

Nov 03 2020

Crypto2Mobile.com offers top ups and recharges of mobile phone accounts and many other vouchers

Crypto2mobile.com is a very handy and smart service, where one can buy mobile top ups and recharges of airtime for cryptocurrency. Company is integrated with Reloadly and a partner delivering top-ups and with PayCoincer as a partner delivering crypto payment services.

Oct 26 2020

How Bitsgap Makes Trading Efficient Again

Since entering the market in 2018, Bitsgap has offered a great experience to users in crypto trading, incorporating the latest features to enhance user experience (UX). Through our platform crypto traders have unlimited access to intuitive trading features previously only thought of in institutional investment firms and hedge funds with immense financial and human intelligence resources. Your experience will get even better with...

Oct 22 2020

How RUSH is building asset-backed tokens

Currency backed with assets is not a new concept. The United States dollar was backed by gold until 1971 when the gold standard was abandoned. The concept of asset-backed currencies is being replicated in the blockchain world through the concept of tokenization. Tokenization means that companies can divide assets digitally into different parts, with the ownership unit recorded on the blockchain. RUSH is...

Oct 21 2020

Crypto.com Integrates PayID Offering 5M+ Users an Easy and Unique Way to Send & Receive Crypto

PayID, a universal payment identifier, enables Crypto.com’s 5M+ users to send/receive crypto across any network under the same initiative, connecting 100M+ consumers worldwide.

Oct 16 2020

Win up to 12 BTC in TRedump vs BidGreen Battle at BC.Game!

It’s the time again when everyone is discussing about the upcoming US presidential election. To mark this time in history, BC.Game has decided to run its own election with a BC.Game twist!

Coinbox.org Adds Cryptocurrency Staking to the Wallet

With Coinbox.org, users can now generate passive income – just by keeping cryptocurrencies in a special wallet. This new feature offered by Coinbox.org is called staking. It can be a...

Oct 05 2020

Team3D’s VIDYA — The future of DeFi gaming has arrived

Vidya is a multipurpose DeFi gaming token built on the Ethereum network that was created as a digital transfer of value for traditional games, blockchain games, and decentralized financial experiments.

Sep 28 2020

Introducing Omni, the Next-Gen Social Platform Which Shares its Profits with Users

Bitcoin Press Release: Omni.ai release details of their Social Media platform, which aims to provide the next leap in innovation with gamification & profit share. 28th September 2020 - In...

Sep 23 2020

Binance Futures Announces $1 Trillion in YTD Trading Volume Exponential Growth at Market Leading Derivatives Exchange in First Year

Binance, the global blockchain company behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange, today announced its cryptocurrency derivatives platform has transacted $1 trillion in year-to-date volume. Binance Futures started a year ago in September 2019, and has rapidly grown into a market leader.

Sep 18 2020

How to Earn High Interest While HODL-ing Your Crypto?

For quite some time, most people would hodl their crypto with the expectation that the value will be appreciating in the future. Hodlnaut offers an alternative solution to hodlers where they can generate interest while hodling, thus resulting in the growth of their crypto assets.

Sep 15 2020

BTCUP and BTCDOWN: New Leveraged Assets from Waves.Exchange Offer an Exposure of up to 3x

Leveraged assets allow traders to benefit from crypto volatility without the high risks associated with margin trading. Waves.Exchange is the latest among major exchanges to implement leveraged tokens – and the first to do it using smart contracts.

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