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Oct 30 2020

Swyftx - Highest Liquidity and the Best Customer-Rated Exchange in Australia

Swyftx is the progressive Aussie cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on liquidity, customer service, and lower fees. “Join the cryptocurrency exchange that gives a ****!” We all know that Aussies tell it like it is and have a hell of a nose for detecting bull****....

CryptoLocally Upgrades Their Finance Wallet Following Partnership With Idle

CryptoLocally - the first P2P platform to provide a DeFi feature, has announced the debut of version 2 (V2) of their Finance Wallet, which follows the release of their first DeFi feature and Finance wallet V1 back in September of this year....

Oct 23 2020

Sologenic Takes DeFi to the Next Level

Oct 23 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain technology solo sologenic xrp

The Sologenic ecosystem, sitting atop the XRP Ledger networks, enables traders to tokenize and trade Tesla, Apple, and virtually any other stock on over 30 stock exchanges globally. Sologenic merges the traditional world of Wall Street with the fast and furious world of cryptocurrencies. The ability to trade stocks, even outside market hours, and to be able to trade them against any asset,...

Oct 18 2020

VIDT Datalink Enters the World of NFTs

We’ve had ICOs, IEOs, DeFi, and now NFTs have become the new buzzword in the blockchain space. What are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and how is it that they are opening up a door to the most incredible value proposition where all kinds of assets can be digitized and tokenized in order to prove ownership and be traded with ease?...

Oct 12 2020

IBM, VIDT Datalink Integrate Corona Safety Indicator Sensors

IBM, VIDT Datalink, and other project partners are excited to announce the use of a Corona Safety Indicator sensor which will help to identify poorly ventilated spaces where Covid-19 can thrive. These sensors will be integrated into their much-anticipated Internet of Environments project roll-out. This indicator, manufactured by Factory Lab, will greatly help in the battle against Covid-19 by measuring the air quality...

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