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Nov 25 2020

24th November: BTC/USD Break above 19,000, ETH/USD Takes Respite above 600

BTC/USD opened on Tuesday, 24th November, at 18,370. After the open, the pair was trending sideways mainly between 18,305 and 18,520. But the hammer candlestick on the hourly time frame between 6:00 and 7:00 UTC gave the pair enough rising stimulus to break above 19,000 later in the day.

Nov 20 2020

19th November: BTC/USD Continues Sideways, ETH/USD Repeats

On Thursday, 19th November, the BTC/USD price rate opened at 17,810. In the first hour, the price dipped below 17,600 but quickly rebounded to almost the level of the open. In the next three hours, the price was edging up, several times reaching above 18,000.

Nov 13 2020

BTC/USD Goes past $16,000, ETH/USD Dips Below $460

The price dynamics in BTC/USD continue to be largely bullish, letting Bitcoin try to capitalise above $16,000. As for the rest of the week of 9th November, with the $16,000 handle being tested, we are likely to see BTC capitalise above $16,000 by the end of this week.

Nov 02 2020

Weekly Recap: Bitcoin and Ethereum Go Through High Volatility Ahead of the US Presidential Election

Volatility has struck back the cryptocurrency market a week ahead of the U.S. presidential election. While most altcoins went through a steep correction, Bitcoin rose to new yearly highs. Its uninterrupted upward price action turned heads as the narrative about BTC’s ability to act as a hedging asset during times of uncertainty resurfaced.

Oct 29 2020

28th October: Bitcoin Retraces Gains, Ethereum in Steep Fall

On 28th October, Wednesday, Bitcoin came under selling pressure from the $13,949 daily resistance level and the high of 2019 momentarily reached on 27th October. The BTC/USD pair opened Wednesday’s trading session at $13,657 at 3:00 UTC the corrective move took its first stride and continued through to 15:00. The day’s 14:00 hourly candlestick finished in a hanging man with the day’s low...

Oct 23 2020

22nd October: Bitcoin Slows down, Ethereum Picking up

On Thursday, 22nd October, Bitcoin slowed down its rising pace, having added $243 by 17:00 UTC. BTC/USD was mainly trending sideways during the day. The pair began the day at $12,835 and edged slightly down below the level of the open in the first five hours of the day, forming a local support level at $12,728.

Oct 16 2020

Ethereum and Bitcoin Both Add Under 1%

Bitcoin Stays Stagnant under $11,625 The BTC/USD pair opened Thursday’s, 15th October, session at $11,443. The price was trading sideways until 8:00 UTC when a local descend to the day’s...

Sep 30 2020

29th September: Bitcoin Leads, Ethereum Follows, Both Edging Up

The BTC/USD trading pair opened at $10,686 on Tuesday, 29th September, slightly below Monday’s open. The pair began the day on an upside course and continued that way later in the day, moving in waves.

Sep 23 2020

Bitcoin and Ethereum Continue Stagnant, Aiming for Lower Lows

The so-called "September Effect" continues to haunt investors, especially those in the cryptocurrency industry.

Sep 16 2020

Bitcoin Edging Higher While Ethereum Is Pressured by Resistance

On 15th of September, Bitcoin continued its steady growth after breaking through its sideways trend against USD on Monday. The BTC/USD quote added $135 or 1.26% on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Ethereum lost considerably on Tuesday – $12.27 or 3.25%. The smart-contract pioneer has come under the pressure from the daily resistance level at $378.

Sep 11 2020

Daily Recap: Bitcoin Holds Above $10,200, Ethereum Stops Falling

On Wednesday, 9th September, BTC/USD was moderately trading up, having finished that day at $10,231 slightly above the $10,196 daily level, which means that Bitcoin quite firmly resists further decline at this level.

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