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May 29 2021

UK Regulator’s Actions Point to the Trend of Growing Crypto Market Security

Crypto businesses and users are now showing a more serious attitude towards the matters of KYC.

Apr 10 2021

Apr 09 2021

Bitcoin and Ethereum Exhibits Resilience As Bulls Mount Pressure to Break Key Resistance Levels

The global cryptocurrency market is seeing a general uptrend, coming in as a healthy bullish resurgence following a downcast rally seen across the board yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC) and by effect Ethereum (ETH) is particularly energized as Chinese tech firm Meitu Inc doubled up on its accumulation strategy. The firm scooped up an additional 175.6 Bitcoins for $10 million bringing its total holdings to...

Mar 25 2021

Bitcoin Breaks Key Resistance As Ethereum Market Reaction Balance Out

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are both paring off losses from the frightening dips experienced yesterday, as the market received a new rejuvenation. Bitcoin that traded as low as $53,827 in the past 24 hours is now up by 4.4% to $56770 per data adapted from CEX.IO. Ethereum’s surge though notable has lagged behind that of BTC, showing a much limited upward volatility....

Mar 18 2021

Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Bounce As Morgan Stanley Brings Bitcoin Investments to Clients

The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) markets are on the side of the bulls today as both digital currencies received liberation from the market bears. A soothing succor is returning to the market following days of constant dips from the world’s two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Mar 10 2021

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis: Long-Term Growth Targets Enmeshed in Short Term Reversals

The capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market is down by almost 0.7% in what appears as a gradual shed-off of the massive gains recorded in the past 24 hours and since the beginning of the week.

Mar 05 2021

Hurdles To Cross To Reclaim Past All Time Highs

There is a general downtrend in the market today, with few of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap breaking free from the correlation with Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is down by 4.86% to $47,282.4 according to data pulled from CEX.IO price feeds. Ethereum (ETH) is in perfect correlation with the premier digital currency, dropping by 4.99% to $1,480.35 per coin.

Feb 26 2021

25th February: BTC/USD Keeps Going Sideways, ETH/USD Drops Below 1,550

BTC/USD opened the trading session of 25th February at 49,676, and it closed above 50,500 in the first hour. Later on, until 09:00 UTC, BTC/USD was going sideways, keeping for the most time between the level of the session open and 50,500. BTC/USD took a slight dive to 49,000 between 09:00 and 10:00 UTC, with the hour’s lowest point being at 48,700 as...

Feb 18 2021

17th February: BTC/USD Takes 50,000, ETH/USD Adds Bullish Momentum

BTC/USD started the trading session of 17th February at 49,174. An attempt to test the intraday resistance level was taken between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC. But the selling pressure curbed the bullish swing and sent the price down in the next two hours close to 49,000.

Feb 10 2021

9th February: BTC/USD Rises above 48,000 and Recedes below 46,000, ETH/USD Tests 1,800

BTC/USD opened the trading session of 9th February at 46,550 and had slipped to 43,833 by 03:00 UTC. At 03:00 UTC, the trading pair began rising and had reached 48,200 by 07:00 UTC as per the CEX.IO exchange rate.

Feb 05 2021

4th February: BTC/USD Pauses Growth between 37,000 and 38,000, ETH/USD Capped under 1,680 with Another ATH

BTC/USD started off Thursday, 4th February, at 37,658.5. The pair rose above 38,000 in the first two hours and took a bit of a downside retracement to 37,537 between 02:00 and 04:00 UTC.

Jan 28 2021

27th January: BTC/USD Breaks below 31,000, ETH/USD Dips below 1,300

BTC/USD began the trading session of 27th January, Wednesday, at 32,501 as per the exchange rate on CEX.IO. From the day’s start the pair began slipping down with a determination to break down below the 2.618 Fibonacci retracement level positioned at 31,000. The pair was trending down in a steadily going downside move with two flag formations clearly visible on the 15-minute timeframe...

Jan 20 2021

19th January: BTC/USD Sent Down to 36,430 after Trying an Upturn to 38,000, ETH/USD Takes Ride to 1,425

BTC/USD opened at 36,799, according to the exchange rate at CEX.IO, and was trading in a downward fashion from 02:00 to 06:00 UTC. The pair bounced to 37,280 between 06:00 and 08:00 UTC and was mainly trending sideways until 16:00 UTC. Between 16:00 and 17:00 UTC, BTC/USD attempted an upswing from 37,351 to 38,000 but was stopped midways and driven close to the...

Jan 13 2021

12th January: BTC/USD Rebounds to 36,000 and Turns Back Down, ETH/USD Repeats Bitcoin’s Graphic Pattern

BTC/USD began the trading on 12th January at 35,468, according to the exchange rate at CEX.IO. In the first two hours, the pair edged down to 34,000. Then, starting from 03:00 UTC BTC/USD began an ascendency, which at 08:00 UTC took the pair to the 50-period simple moving average at around 35,600. The attainment of the moving average was a signal for a...

Jan 04 2021

Weekly recap: BTC hits another new record

Bitcoin has been making headlines for weeks now, as the coin kept breaking all previous records, making new ones, and then it broke them, as well. Its upward surge continues day after day, and is only occasionally interrupted by small corrections before its price surges anew.

Dec 18 2020

17th December: BTC/USD Surges above 23,500, ETH/USD Edges above 650

BTC/USD opened the trading session of 17th December at 21,376. Having breached the historical resistance at around 19,800, the pair could rise higher freely, without being restrained by any price barriers whatsoever. Therefore, right from the day’s start the pair began trending up, going in a steadily rising pattern.

Nov 25 2020

24th November: BTC/USD Break above 19,000, ETH/USD Takes Respite above 600

BTC/USD opened on Tuesday, 24th November, at 18,370. After the open, the pair was trending sideways mainly between 18,305 and 18,520. But the hammer candlestick on the hourly time frame between 6:00 and 7:00 UTC gave the pair enough rising stimulus to break above 19,000 later in the day.

Nov 20 2020

19th November: BTC/USD Continues Sideways, ETH/USD Repeats

On Thursday, 19th November, the BTC/USD price rate opened at 17,810. In the first hour, the price dipped below 17,600 but quickly rebounded to almost the level of the open. In the next three hours, the price was edging up, several times reaching above 18,000.

Nov 13 2020

BTC/USD Goes past $16,000, ETH/USD Dips Below $460

The price dynamics in BTC/USD continue to be largely bullish, letting Bitcoin try to capitalise above $16,000. As for the rest of the week of 9th November, with the $16,000 handle being tested, we are likely to see BTC capitalise above $16,000 by the end of this week.

Nov 02 2020

Weekly Recap: Bitcoin and Ethereum Go Through High Volatility Ahead of the US Presidential Election

Volatility has struck back the cryptocurrency market a week ahead of the U.S. presidential election. While most altcoins went through a steep correction, Bitcoin rose to new yearly highs. Its uninterrupted upward price action turned heads as the narrative about BTC’s ability to act as a hedging asset during times of uncertainty resurfaced.

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