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Apr 09 2021

Top 5 Altcoins to BUY in April 2021 – Best Cryptocurrency Investments

Like every month, we release interesting cryptocurrency projects that are under the radar. Many traders and investors often look around to search for those Altcoin gems, that have a huge untapped potential. It is not enough to find a cheap coin and go all in. There are many factors that come into play when choosing a project to invest in, like project...

Apr 07 2021

Ripple’s XRP SKYROCKETS past $1 – Can you still Buy in?

Apr 07 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto ripple ripple (xrp) sec tradingview

Other than having a centralization debacle, Ripple's XRP is known to always being "late to the party". While the crypto market shot high in the past year, XRP was lagging behind, mainly due to its fight with the SEC. Now that this lawsuit might end with a...

Apr 05 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Is BITCOIN a good investment in 2021?

Bitcoin has been making headlines for an extended time. Contrary to events from 2017 when prices dipped heavily after reaching a milestone, this time BTC prices seem to have matured. For now, many analysts throw Bitcoin Price...

Mar 31 2021

KAVA DeFi releases IMPORTANT Enhancements – All you Need to KNOW

Mar 31 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto defi hard v2 kava kava defi

The big day for KAVA is finally here. Today marks the important milestone that was highly anticipated among KAVA enthusiasts. This article will discuss in detail what is KAVA DeFi (if you don't know yet), and what performance enhancements are put on the table with version 5.1....

Mar 28 2021

THETA Token EXPLODES +500% and breaks the TOP 10…BUY NOW?

Gaming projects are on the rise in the cryptocurrency market. Many projects aim to bridge the divide in the gaming industry by providing a fair and transparent infrastructure. Of course, we're talking about decentralization and blockchains in particular. In the past few...

Mar 24 2021

Top 3 Reasons why BITCOIN is about to BOOM

For an extended period of time, Bitcoin managed to remain at its consolidation level. This sideways area is delimited by the USD 55,000 and the USD 61,000 price. Usually, consolidation periods are a good thing, as they allow prices to "breath" and...

Mar 23 2021

Seascape is set to Enhance the Gaming World – Easy 10x SOON?

Many contenders entered the gaming world from the crypto sphere. They all have the same mission: a fair and decentralized space for gamers and developers. The question is not which project is better anymore, but who implements faster changes to the gaming infrastructure. Will Seascape Network prevail?...

XRP Price Prediction – Is Ripple back on Track? UP +20%

This article tackles the latest development in XRP prices from a technical and fundamental viewpoint. Despite Ripple's low momentum, this XRP Price Prediction will show how XRP managed to gain more than 20% in the past 7 days. What's...

Mar 19 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Will Consolidation 2.0 lead to higher BTC prices?

This article presents two key scenarios that would happen to Bitcoin prices. For the past week, prices seem to have stabilized and entered a consolidation mode. What would follow this price breather? Here's CryptoTicker's Bitcoin Price...

Mar 18 2021

Is TERRA LUNA worth it? All you Need to Know about LUNA Crypto

Mar 18 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto

This article is a complete guide on Terra Luna. In fact, its token LUNA mooned more than 2,000% within 2 months. Many skeptics deemed this price increase as unsustainable, creating a bubble that's about to burst and remove most gains. What is Terra Luna crypto and is it a good investment? The crypto space witnessed many interesting projects come to life. Namely, some...

Mar 17 2021

RARIBLE (RARI) – The Perfect NFT Marketplace?

Based on increasing demand, we at CryptoTicker decided to write this article that tackles the famous NFT exchange, Rarible. Google trend reports show that...

Mar 16 2021

Buy Real Addresses on Virtual Land? Guide to UPLAND Crypto

Mar 16 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  blockchain companies crypto nft upland upx

Cryptocurrencies first started as a way to send and receive a monetary value. With the development of further blockchains such as Ethereum, it gave way to many usages other than monetary transmissions. Today, the world of Non- Fungible Tokens have risen...

Mar 15 2021

METAMASK Review – What is METAMASK and how to USE IT?

Mar 15 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  blockchain crypto defi dex education

This article is a review on METAMASK. Increasing demand for Dapps and the failing centralized exchanges made a new way to store cryptos, specifically for Ethereum based blockchains. Crypto users needed a decentralized way to sign-in to Dapps with a secured process. What is METAMASK and how to USE IT?...

Mar 14 2021

OpenSea Guide – How to Buy and Sell NFTs worth Millions of Dollars

Mar 14 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto how to metamask metamask mobile nft

NFTs are gaining huge popularity, especially with the recent sales of digital art worth millions of Dollars. This led to an increase in the demand for NFTs. Those special types of cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic in the crypto sphere. How to buy and sell NFTs? This article will explain everything you need to know about NFTs, and how to buy/sell...

Mar 13 2021

BITCOIN Prices Hit 60K! Will Bitcoin Price BOOM HIGHER?

After a highly anticipated prediction by many, Bitcoin finally hits 60K this Saturday afternoon. The whole cryptocurrency market is on fire, and momentum seems pretty strong. Now that Bitcoin proved to reach the psychological price of...

Mar 12 2021

What is KAVA DeFi and How to BUY KAVA?

Mar 12 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto defi dex kava

The world of DeFi lending is getting more popular by the day. Many blockchain enthusiast see this advancement as a way to bring decentralization to the masses. Banks have long been the masters in the game of personal finance. With DeFi lending such as KAVA, this might soon all change. What is KAVA DeFi and how to Buy KAVA?...

Mar 11 2021

Your Definite Guide on How to use AAVE App

Mar 11 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  aave aave (lend) aave platform crypto defi

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to use Aave app. We will take you step-by-step throughout the platform and help you understand the mechanics of using a lending platform. Aave is one of the fastest-growing...

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Get Ready…Set…BUY??

Mar 11 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news crypto tradingview

This past week was a hopeful one for the whole cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin price managed to get out of its previous consolidation period, and entered a new one. Should you buy Bitcoins today?...

Mar 10 2021

Top 5 Bitcoin Holders in 2021! Hint: Not Tesla…

Although many people and companies bought Bitcoins recently, they entered the crypto sphere at high prices. There are many Bitcoin holders who managed to buy Bitcoins at much cheaper prices, thus owning more than recent comers. In this article, we're going to mention the TOP 5 Bitcoin Holders as of...

Mar 09 2021

Bitcoin Price is shooting High! Is Bitcoin Back on Track to 60K?

After an extended consolidation of around 40k, Bitcoin soared back up above the 50k price mark. The whole cryptocurrency market moved alongside Bitcoin and was also up for the day. Is Bitcoin back on track to 60k?...