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Nov 26 2020

BitPrime Partners with Simplex to Provide a Solution to Buy Crypto with Credit Cards

26 November 2020 - BitPrime, New Zealand's leading cryptocurrency retailer, today announced it has partnered with Simplex, the market-leading fiat/crypto infrastructure provider. The partnership provides a safe solution for those wishing to buy cryptocurrency using a credit card or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Nov 25 2020

Top Bitcoin Price Predictions from November 2020

As it usually happens in times of bullish market also Bitcoin's latest rally spurred many speculations regarding the asset’s future price. Due to the currently prevailing positive market sentiment the majority of the price predictions are very optimistic. In this article we have gathered a few Bitcoin price predictions made by prominent investors, fund managers and bank executives.

Nov 16 2020

Top DeFi Secrets to a Profitable Harvest

Yield farming is something we can’t stop talking about right now. Its popularity won’t just let us stop talking about it. Yield farming on DeFi can be bountiful with users getting yield as high as 100% APR on trendy stablecoins.

Nov 14 2020

Meteoric Monero: Could The World’s Most Private Cryptocurrency Grow to Dominate The Market?

Arriving in 2014, Monero is one of the crypto marketplace’s most famous privacy coins. Designed to be untraceable, unlinkable, and analysis resistant, the coin brings unparalleled levels of security to users - confounding even the IRS in the process.

Oct 29 2020

Pragmatic Play and Stake.com Are Changing The Crypto Gambling Market

Pragmatic Play and Stake.com have reached an agreement that will change the sphere of the crypto gambling market - taking a gaming experience to the next level.

Oct 27 2020

You Can Now Buy Crypto Through PayPal

Popular payments service PayPal now allows its United States-based to users to buy and sell cryptocurrency through their PayPal wallet. The fact that PayPal is now supporting crypto purchases will make entering the crypto space easier than ever before and it is going to remove a lot of the bottlenecks regarding buying and selling cryptocurrency. Next year, this service will also be available...

JPMorgan: Bitcoin’s Competition with Gold in Addition to New Generation Interest Gives it Huge Potential

According to a note from banking giant JPMorgan, Bitcoin is a risky asset with a lot of upside potential, but not a safe haven. While many people investors consider Bitcoin as a safe haven, the analysts at JPMorgan disagree. The writers of this note claimed that describing BTC as a risky asset is more suitable than a safe haven because it has proved...

Ten Good Reasons to Consider Investing in Cryptocurrency

It’s very likely that you have heard a lot about investing in cryptocurrency. Even if you don’t know how to buy bitcoin, it’s become common knowledge that cryptocurrency is available. Maybe you’ve even considered buying cryptocurrency yourself but you aren’t entirely sure if it’s worthwhile or not. Read the following ten good reasons to consider investing in cryptocurrency so that you can make...

Oct 26 2020

The current standing of crypto casinos

Cryptocurrencies were being first talked about as early as 1983, with theoretical discussions about how a cryptographic monetary unit would work. But these theories didn’t get put into practice until...

Oct 22 2020

Bitcoin Soars Past $12,000 after Decoupling from Stocks

$12,000 is an important level from the technical analysis perspective of bitcoin. Bitcoin’s bullish momentum has been developing for more than a week and at the moment, BTC is nearly touching the $13,000 level. Many technical analysis experts are eagerly looking at bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts are expecting further gains to come soon.

The Bitcoin mined by Nakamoto

The BTC mined by Satoshi Nakamoto is topic from the earliest days of Bitcoin and many people in the cryptocurrency community are curious about it. Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown creator of Bitcoin who released the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. Evidence suggests that Satoshi either doesn’t have the private keys to access these early coins or is simply not interested in spending them...

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