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Nov 24 2020

Price Analysis: Top 4 Coins to Watch Week 48 – BTC, XLM, ZEN, and ETH

We are at Week 48 and we recently released the top 4 coins to watch this week. The coins involved are BTC, ETH, XLM, and ZEN;

Nov 19 2020

Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTC Bullish Surge Has Professional Investors Expecting Coin To Reach Above $300,000 By End of 2021

The BTC price increase that we have seen this month has truly been exceptional. The cryptocurrency has managed to surge by a total of 55% over the past 30-days which allowed it to climb above the $18,000 level before dropping off slightly to $17,750.

Oct 30 2020

Bitcoin Price Analysis – BTC Whipsaw Price Action Begins As Uncertainty Enters Market With US Presidential Elections Just Days Away

The price of Bitcoin has seen somewhat of a rollercoaster today. The coin had surged as high as $13,500 in the early hours of the day but has since dropped lower to reach $13,275.

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