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Jul 26 2021

The Intelligent Person’s Guide To Bitcoin

Jul 26 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  101 culture money what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a paradigmatic transformation of humanity’s oldest technology: money. This guide is for those willing to view it through that lens.The below is a response to professor Fabrizio Carmignani’s interview, titled “Dummy’s Guide To Crypto,” which I found was genuinely written by a dummy, for dummies....

Jun 25 2021

Fix The Money, Fix The World

When the individual changes their behavior for the better, the world changes for the better. That is why “Bitcoin fixes this.”Bitcoin 2021. Miami.This is an article which formed the basis of my talk at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami...

Jun 11 2021

Why Bitcoin, Not S***coin

Jun 11 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  altcoins culture maximalism

Why bitcoin is not only the best investment of our time, and the only good “crypto,” but the only moral, economic and philosophically sound place to store your wealth.Hint: Beyond Bitcoin, it’s ALL shitcoin.I often get asked about “which crypto” is a good one to invest in. Of course, my answer is always bitcoin. Period.In this article I’d like to...

May 27 2021

Bitcoin, Chaos And Order

May 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture jordan peterson philosophy

Bitcoin will destroy tyrannical order and replace it, not with blind chaos and confusion, but with an incorruptible foundation.12 Rules For Life Series, Essay Two The series continues. If...

May 14 2021

Bitcoin, Hierarchy And Territory

The first chapter of Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules For Life” relates to Bitcoin socially, evolutionarily, economically and psychologically.12 Rules For Life Series, Essay OneThis article was previously published on Medium....

Nov 06 2020

Because Bitcoin Is A Necessity, Its Economy Will Be Circular

Bitcoin is the perfect money in that it embodies all of the properties and functions of money — as a store of value (SoV), medium of exchange (MoE) and unit of account (UoA) — and does so in a way that any person or participant, from anywhere in the world can: Save without having their wealth invisibly stolenSpend without some big-brother-type institution...

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