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Dec 01 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Launched as Beacon Chain Goes Live

Dec 01 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis ethereum 2.0 serenity

Ethereum 2.0 has successfully launched. The initial stage of the blockchain's Serenity upgrade, known as Phase 0, involved the deployment of Ethereum's Beacon Chain. The update sees Ethereum begin its move to a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism in which validators staking at least 32 ETH are rewarded interest for providing security to the...

Nov 30 2020

ETH Back Above $600, Ethereum 2.0 a Day Away

Nov 30 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis ethereum 2.0 serenity

ETH has moved back to bullish. Ethereum's native currency suffered a minor retrace last week, dipping below $500 following a violent surge above $600. Bitcoin also took a hit. Some...

Acala Announces Oracle Gateway for Polkadot Ecosystem

Acala is launching a new oracle service for the Polkadot ecosystem. The Open Oracle Gateway will provide data for Acala, Karura, Kusama, and various other platforms running on Polkadot. The Gateway is the result of a collaboration between...

SEC Letter Reveals China’s Crypto Ambitions Threaten US

Nov 30 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis bitcoin china mining

Whether they're ready for it or not, China's authorities have kicked off a global digital currency race. Just as some nations are now turning their attention to cryptocurrencies, the Coronavirus has accelerated the need for central bank-issued digital currencies. China has successfully embraced the technology, whose Digital Yuan has...

Nov 27 2020

$4.2 Billion in Crypto Seized from PlusToken Scammers

Nov 27 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  china markets plustoken

Chinese police have seized $4.2 billion worth of crypto assets, including 194,775 BTC and 833,083 ETH, from the infamous PlusToken scheme. China Cracks Down on PlusToken Following a Nov. 19 ruling at the Jiangsu Yancheng Intermediate People's...

Nov 26 2020

Compound User Liquidated for $49 Million, Price Oracle Blamed

Nov 26 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis compound liquidation oracles

Compound has seen over $100 million in liquidations in the last 24 hours, according to LoanScan. More than half of the collateral liquidated was in the form...

Nov 25 2020

Bitcoin Decoupling from Gold in Push for All-Time High

Nov 25 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis bitcoin gold

Bitcoin has been rising against gold throughout 2020. The correlation coefficient between the two assets over the last six months is at -0.72, signaling that they've mostly been moving in different directions. Investors often use correlation coefficients to measure the relationship between...

Nov 24 2020

yEarn.Finance Founder Andre Cronje Announces Deriswap

Nov 24 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  technology

Andre Cronje, the founder of the highly-popular DeFi protocol yEarn.Finance has released details of a new project called Deriswap. Cronje has been extremely busy in the DeFi space throughout this year, and his latest project focuses on creating what...

Bitcoin Breaks $19,000 for the First Time Since 2017

Nov 24 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  markets

Bitcoin briefly surpassed $19,000 this morning. This is the first time the first-ranked cryptocurrency has hit the price level since December 2017, when its value almost doubled from $10,000 in the space of less than a week. Bitcoin Bulls in Full Control According to the data analytics site...

Ethereum Is Ready for Long-Awaited Serenity Upgrade

The deposit contract for the network's long-awaited ETH 2.0 upgrade passed its minimum threshold of 524,288 ETH yesterday, meaning that Ethereum's Beacon chain will be deployed as planned at 12 pm UTC on Dec. 1. Ethereum 2.0 Ready for Liftoff The contract needed to meet the minimum of 16,384 validators seven days ahead of deployment,...

Nov 23 2020

ETH Hits $600 Ahead of Ethereum 2.0 Launch

Nov 23 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  eth ethereum 2.0 markets

It's the first time since 2018 that Ethereum has passed the $600 mark thanks to the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 launch and Bitcoin's success. ETH Follows Bitcoin and Upgrade One of them is Bitcoin's recent ascent: thanks in part to a wave of...

Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Hit 60% as Launch Looms

The deposit contract for Ethereum 2.0 has hit 60% of its target. 315,616 ETH has been deposited to the contract at the time of writing, equating to roughly 60% of the minimum target of 524,288 ETH. The contract needs 16,384 validators to deploy as planned, with ETH holders must deposit a minimum of 32 ETH to participate....

Nov 20 2020

Circle Using USDC Stablecoin to Aid Venezuela Crisis

Nov 20 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  airtm business circle venezuela

Circle is partnering with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Airtm to distribute USDC. ...

Reef Finance and Kava Team Up for DeFi on Polkadot

Reef Finance, one of the most used DeFi projects running on Polkadot, has announced a partnership with... Brings Popular Visa Card to Canada

Nov 20 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business crypto cards will begin shipping its Visa card to Canada. It's only the latest sign of growth from the crypto payments company, which recently introduced its card facilities in Singapore, the USA, and Europe....

Nov 19 2020

DeFi Mainstay Aave Launches Money Market With CrescoFin

Nov 19 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  aave crescofin technology

Aave, one of the most established DeFi protocols, is launching a money market. The development is thanks due to a partnership with CrescoFin, a Swiss banking company advocating for the advent of...

Privacy Coins Are Unstoppable, Says Copenhagen Business School

According to a study published in the Journal of Information Technology, attempting to ban privacy coins would be nearly impossible for regulators due to the tokens' anonymous, decentralized nature. Privacy Coins Are Unstoppable ...

Nov 18 2020

American Rap Icon Lil Yachty Gets Tokenized on Ethereum

Nov 18 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  fyooz lil yachty people

The 23-year-old rap icon Lil Yachty is teaming up with Fyooz, a Swiss app that leverages tokenization to give fans access to artists and influencers. Lil Yachty is one of the world's leading rap artists. He regularly collaborates with stars like Diplo, Drake, and Bhad Bhabie and has released several hit...

Nov 17 2020

Origin Protocol Emptied of $7 million in Yet Another Flash Loan Attack

Nov 17 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis flash loans origin protocol

Origin Protocol has been drained of $7 million. The incident occurred late last night as part of a sophisticated attack involving a 70,000 ETH flash loan. Origin's co-founder Matthew Liu...

Neo Bank Solarisbank Doubles Down on Crypto With Bitwala Partnership

Solarisbank is one of Europe's biggest "neo banks." While the company has had a close relationship with Bitwala for a few years now, today's latest announcement points to increasing momentum and wider adoption...

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