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May 21 2021

Dutch Central Bank Forced To Backpedal On Bitcoin Address Verification Procedures After Court Ruling

The Dutch Central Bank has lost a legal battle over its uninformed and bureaucratic bitcoin address verification requirements.Bitonic, the oldest Bitcoin exchange in the Netherlands, recently had its day in court with the Dutch Central Bank (DCB). At issue was the legitimacy of DCB’s mandate that Bitonic (and other Bitcoin exchanges and custodians operating in the Netherlands) implement very stringent “address...

Jan 13 2021

Understanding Bitcoin’s Scarcity

Jan 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  investing scarcity

Bitcoin is obviously scarce. And it seems to be becoming scarcer over time. But, perhaps due to the current bull run, doubts about both of these propositions are seemingly on the rise among bitcoin skeptics. Criticisms come in a few different flavors. The main one that I have seen argues that bitcoin cannot be scarce because it is highly divisible. Recently, that particular...

Jan 04 2021

A Commentary On FinCEN’s Proposed KYC Requirements

Jan 04 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  fincen kyc regulation

Policy Division Financial Crimes Enforcement Network P.O. Box 39 Vienna, VA 22183 FinCEN Docket No. FINCEN-2020-0020, RIN 1506-AB47 January 4, 2020 Dear Sir or Madam, The proposed regulations on currency transaction reports and record-keeping seem to require that banks and money services businesses (MSBs) be able to prove that an identified counterparty to a transaction indeed owns one or more...

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