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Mar 31 2021

Specter Wallet Releases Version 1.3.0

Mar 31 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin wallets specter technical

The latest release from open-source bitcoin wallet Specter includes one-click Bitcoin Core and Tor setup, RBF transaction support and more.This week, Specter Wallet, an open-source bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security by allowing users to more easily run their own full nodes, released its latest version (you can...

Feb 23 2021

Taproot Activation And The LOT Debate

You’ve probably already heard about Taproot, the new proposed soft-fork upgrade for Bitcoin, which will introduce a new signing algorithm and an enhanced, more private and flexible scripting mechanism. Now, while Taproot has been discussed for a long time, and its code has already been...

Taproot Activation And The LOT Debate

The process chosen for activating Taproot is detailed in BIP 8, and it includes a debated option called “lockinontimeout” (LOT).As Taproot, the latest consensus protocol change, approaches activation,...

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