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Dec 31 2021

Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers 2021

Dec 31 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  cryptocurrency crypto guides

Reading Time: 3 minutes2021 has seen its usual share of highs and lows in the cryptocurrency world, from Bitcoin beating its record price to people left bagholding NFTs of rocks. Of course there are people behind those...

Nov 01 2021

Will The Metaverse Solve the NFT Credibility Problem?

Reading Time: 2 minutes NFTs have been heavily criticized for their lack of use case They are primarily used to make profits, much like any cryptocurrency The metaverse could finally see NFTs and blockchain have a use case The metaverse is suddenly in the...

Aug 02 2021

Bitcoiin Associate Pleads Guilty to Scamming Investors

Aug 02 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  crime cryptocurrency fraud ico ico news

Reading Time: 2 minutes A promoter of the Bitcoiin scam has pleaded guilty to conning investors John DeMarr helped promote Bitcoiin which promised 8,000% returns The scam was busted by the SEC and three team members were charged in February An associate of the...

Apr 11 2021

Beosin CMO Did Not Liquidate Police-seized Bitcoin Says Firm

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beosin CMO Gao Ziyang did not misappropriate $45 million worth of police-seized bitcoin, according to the company News reports alleged that Gao had traded the fortune on OKEx when he was supposed to be disposing of it on behalf of the authorities...

Feb 26 2021

FullyCrypto Podcast #33 – News Roundup of the Week

Feb 26 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  podcast

Reading Time: < 1 minuteCraig Wright sets the lawyers loose again, Nvidia tries to stop crypto mining, and Tether gets off with a fine…somehow...

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