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Jun 28 2021

What Does Censorship-Resistant Really Mean?

What happens if the current honeymoon phase ends, and The State decides to come after those interacting with Bitcoin?It’s all happening. After dropping to $3,800 in March of 2020, bitcoin is now sitting around $35,000. It seems like more legacy institutions or large investors are announcing their entrance into the space every day. Thousands of coins are moving off exchanges. Governments around...

Apr 05 2021

An Open Letter To New Bitcoiners

Apr 05 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture newcomers

Although the journey into Bitcoin can be daunting, newcomers can have an easier time by adjusting their mindset.To my newly interested friends,First of all, congratulations! You should be proud of yourself for getting this far. If you are reading this letter, you have taken an interest in learning about Bitcoin, which is a difficult step to take. As the saying goes,...

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