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Nov 30 2021

Leapfrogging Legacy Banking To A Bitcoin Standard

How looking at the history of technological adoption can give us insights into where Bitcoin could be embraced the fastest.IntroThroughout time, technology has proven to change our lives by leveraging efficiencies in energy. New ways in how we hunt have saved time and energy for innovation and to live more intentionally. Currently, Bitcoin presents an immense opportunity to change the lives...

Sep 30 2021

Bitcoin Book Review: The 7th Property: Bitcoin And The Monetary Revolution

Eric Yakes creates a compelling account of how we’ve arrived at the monetary technology that is Bitcoin.With an ever-growing number of Bitcoin books being published, choosing which book to read next can be difficult. “The 7th Property: Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution” by Eric Yakes guides readers through a vast array of Bitcoin-related topics, turning seemingly complex topics such as Merkle roots...

Aug 21 2021

HODL Waves: What We Can Learn From UTXO History

How the age of Bitcoin transactions can give us insight into the four-year halving cycles and the history of the blockchain.HODL Waves have been around for a few years but are still relatively new. They were first introduced in an article by Dhruv Bansal at Unchained Capital, a bitcoin-native financial...

Apr 21 2021

Bitcoin And The Changing Definition Of CPI

Apr 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  inflation markets monetary policy

The constant adjustments to the measuring stick of inflation mislead and confuse those looking for a sound store of value.Below is the definition of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:“The CPI represents changes in prices of all goods and services purchased for consumption by urban households. User fees (such as water and sewer service) and...

Apr 12 2021

Bitcoin As A Pressure Release Valve

Apr 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture foreign currency inflation

As currencies inflate in value, Bitcoin serves as a pressure relief valve, allowing capital to escape.As small-cap currencies inflate, Bitcoin gains adoption.Bitcoin is the first fully sovereign digital currency. This means that anyone in the world with an internet connection and a computer can download the protocol and start running it. Maybe they want to invest in the technology, maybe they...

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