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May 26 2021

Covid-19 Added To The Fed’s Pumping Of The Bitcoin Price

The pandemic was oil on top of an already burning inflationary problem, soon to grow into a wildfire.Well before COVID-19 first made landfall on American soil, the United States’ national debt stood at some $22 trillion, and the U.S. Federal Reserve had pivoted from an...

Apr 15 2021

What Does Coinbase's Listing Mean For Bitcoin?

Apr 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  coinbase culture

Coinbase’s direct listing legitimizes bitcoin in the global financial, legal, and political landscapes.The financial press will cover the Coinbase story from many angles. However, the greater conclusion to garner from this chronicle in Bitcoin’s history is the following: Coinbase’s direct listing further incorporates Bitcoin into the worldwide financial landscape and will act as a deterrent to any potential future...

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