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Oct 05 2022

How The State Of Global Markets Could Be Pushing The Federal Reserve To Adopt Bitcoin

Analyzing the precarious positions of the world’s fiat economies can drive a conclusion that the Federal Reserve will have to adopt bitcoin.This is an opinion editorial by Mike Hobart, a communications manager for Great American Mining....

Apr 30 2022

An Intersection Of Bitcoin And Health

Many people are beginning to recognize a relationship between Bitcoin and physical and mental well-being. This is one Bitcoiner’s journey with fitness.Today, I would like to return back to a discussion that is relevant to all individuals and groups within Bitcoin as well as those outside. Particularly those outside, in fact. I have a story to tell: one of health, longevity, fitness,...

Apr 13 2022

Bitcoin 2022: Welcome To The Revolution

One plebs journey across the largest Bitcoin event of all time, finding signal and the pulse of an ongoing revolution.In the time since last year’s Bitcoin 2021 we’ve seen the world change in so many ways that, if we were to list them here, I’m confident we could give Gladstein or...

Apr 01 2022

Bitcoin Can Change America’s Energy Destiny

Apr 01 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  america business energy exxon mining

While Russia sends out hopeful hypotheticals, major companies are making real progress in the Bitcoin industry in America.Since the first week of February 2022, the world’s gaze has been largely focused on Russia, especially with regards to the country’s affectionate position on bitcoin. But now, nearly two months later, there are ripples that are percolating from the opposite corner of the world....

Mar 26 2022

Great American Mining Is Solving Our Global Energy Problems With Bitcoin

With its rapid bitcoin miner deployment at North Dakota operations, Great American Mining shows Bitcoin’s potential to solve energy crises. The flaring conducted at oil and...

Mar 24 2022

Ukraine Is One More Example Of Bitcoin Operating As Intended

Mar 24 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fundraising opinion ukraine

The forces of decentralized technology are at work in the country experiencing so much turmoil.“There’s a problem with bank accounts, something happened … the transactions are being stopped, for whatever reason.” - Overheard from Walter Lekh in Twitter Spaces conversation discussing avenues of donation in support of UkraineActivities in eastern Europe have taken the center...

Mar 19 2022

Bitcoin Is A Monetary System Of Integrity

Many of the failings we see in society today are a result of the values of fiat money being absorbed.When going through basic training for the Army, the cadre of drill sergeants and general leadership make it a point to effectively engrain values that I would argue are paramount to any (and all) mature adults and active...

Mar 18 2022

As YouTube Bars Russian Creators, Bitcoin Offers A Sovereign Alternative

As centralized platforms like YouTube block Russian civilians from monetizing their work, the need for Bitcoin grows.Who should have the right to deny another the capability to earn an income? Law enforcement? A government? Where is the line, and how do we determine when things have been taken “too far”?Should any individual, or group of individuals, actually possess such power? YouTube,...

Mar 12 2022

How Bitcoin Mining Strengthens Electricity Grids

Bitcoin enables mining utilities to engage in agreements that are mutually beneficial to miners and the electricity grid.The House Hearing on Crypto’s Energy Use & Impact, held on January 20, 2022, was ultimately championed by a stellar defense of Bitcoin’s energy use by Brian Brooks, with an...

Mar 10 2022

Bitcoin, The People And The Tragedy Of Afghanistan

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and its decision to seize the country’s assets demonstrates the importance of bitcoin as a sovereign asset.So, we all remember the absolute abysmal tragedy that was the United States’ withdrawal from the Afghan theater, right? And I place emphasis on...

Mar 03 2022

Driving Bitcoin Donations, Ukraine-Russia Conflict Showcases Separation Of Money And State

Mar 03 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture donations freedom opinion russia

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia propels social media reports and donations made in bitcoin, it underscores our decentralizing world.“There’s a problem with bank accounts, something happened… the transactions are being stopped, for whatever reason.”–Ukrainian activist Walter...

Feb 25 2022

The Freedom Convoy Exposes Weakness In State-Run Money

A society can only have true freedom in grasp when there exists an immutable uncontrolled money like Bitcoin.Developments in Canada have drawn quite the audience as of late. A convoy of truckers that began as a small display of disagreement and resistance has evolved into a global movement of resolve and principle, reaching in influence...

Feb 23 2022

Should The Federal Reserve Add Bitcoin To Its Balance Sheet?

Senator Cynthia Lummis and a former Federal Reserve vice chair recently discussed whether the U.S. central bank should hold bitcoin on its balance sheet.During a February 16 webinar on “crypto” hosted by the Hatch Center, the policy arm of national think tank the Orrin G. Hatch Foundation, Hatch Foundation...

Feb 18 2022

Bitcoin’s Political Breakthrough Raises Questions About Its Regulatory Future

With state legislators attempting to recognize bitcoin as legal tender in the U.S., we’ve entered a new, uncharted phase of adoption.Is it actually possible for individual U.S. states to establish bitcoin as legal tender currency?Arizona State Senator Wndry Rogers seems to think so, based on the submission...

Feb 16 2022

If Russia Invites Bitcoin Adoption, The Global Arms Race Will Begin

Recent pro-Bitcoin developments from Russia could put the Eastern power in a lead position as inflation grows. How will other powers react?On February 15, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development signaled a bullish development around Bitcoin; reduced costs for bitcoin miners. But what can we make of this?First the obvious: yes it is bullish. The...

Feb 11 2022

At Scott’s Mining Conference, We Felt The Energy Of Bitcoin Mining

At Scott’s Mining Conference this week, attendees toured a bitcoin mining facility, heard from Michael Saylor and channeled the industry’s energy.On February 7 and 8, Round Rock, Texas experienced an event that could prove to be a pivotal moment for the whole of the Bitcoin space. What was happening in this suburb of Austin was not motivated by “nUmBeR gO uP,” or...

Feb 10 2022

We Need Our Farmers, Our Farmers Need Bitcoin

The backbone of our nation, farmers stand to benefit the most from sovereign money that cannot be diluted or degraded.With special contributions by: Texas Slim, Clemenza, Mark Maraia and...

Feb 07 2022

Latest From Putin And Xi Suggests Growing Political Interest In Bitcoin

Feb 07 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  china culture feature politics putin

Statements from Russia and China suggest the two are unified and prepared to evade economic sanctions, with Bitcoin being a potential tool.On February 4, news emerged that Russian President Vladimir Putin had issued a letter to the people of China, published by a local...

Dec 27 2021

In An Increasingly Volatile 2021, Bitcoin Provided Peace Of Mind

Dec 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture eoy 2021 freedom volatility

Among global war, rampant inflation and threats to liberty, Bitcoiners found peace of mind despite an incredibly volatile 2021.The year 2021, I think, has seen its fair share of volatility the world over. We started the year off with a very interesting event at the U.S. Capitol, and a British judge blocking the...

Nov 01 2021

How The Petrodollar System Has Destroyed American Education

A public education system that wastes taxpayer dollars and disincentivizes independent thought is one of the worst consequences of our fiat base.How do we define “education”? Is it something that can only be provided by a structured institution or certified individual (such as a teacher, or professor)? Do our parents and friends not teach us?Is it something an individual builds, or...

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