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Dec 27 2021

In An Increasingly Volatile 2021, Bitcoin Provided Peace Of Mind

Dec 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture eoy 2021 freedom volatility

Among global war, rampant inflation and threats to liberty, Bitcoiners found peace of mind despite an incredibly volatile 2021.The year 2021, I think, has seen its fair share of volatility the world over. We started the year off with a very interesting event at the U.S. Capitol, and a British judge blocking the...

Nov 01 2021

How The Petrodollar System Has Destroyed American Education

A public education system that wastes taxpayer dollars and disincentivizes independent thought is one of the worst consequences of our fiat base.How do we define “education”? Is it something that can only be provided by a structured institution or certified individual (such as a teacher, or professor)? Do our parents and friends not teach us?Is it something an individual builds, or...

Oct 31 2021

Does The World Need A Declaration Of Monetary Independence?

A collaborative effort in the bitcoin community to establish the reasons for separation of money and state.There comes a time, in the face of great discomfort and uncertainty, where one is obligated to stand in defiance against an established rule-set with which they may be conflicted. Social contracts are a necessity for organization and the development of civilization. Cultures and societies —...

Sep 24 2021

Bitcoin Will Truly Drain The Swamp

The often-quoted phrase could actually mean something if the incentives behind politics change.“Same Same, But Different Same”While Trump recently popularized the “drain the swamp” phrase, his execution and point-of-view were flawed. Politicians in the United States have been viewed in a negative lens for at least the last few decades. The problem is that our people have become so desensitized to...

Sep 19 2021

Bitcoin Will Decapitate Zombie Corporations That Are Destroying The Economy

Sep 19 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bailout culture fiat inflation

The decaying rot of corporations carried only by the fiat machine will come to an end as Bitcoin fixes our money.2008 Taught Us NothingWe have experienced (and some of us grew up) during a very interesting blip within history, starting with the events that transpired in 2008 when the tools of our “innovations” in financialization proved to be the swords upon...

Sep 02 2021

Why Insurance Companies Need Bitcoin

In a time of monetary inflation, the only place to pool funds for insurance companies is bitcoin.Everyone Loves Insurance, Right?Healthcare and insurance. The words just evoke anguish, discomfort and general anxiety, don’t they? I mean, I sure as hell don’t enjoy hearing those words uttered, let alone ponder the costs that are forked over every month from my salary. Yet they...

Sep 01 2021

Bitcoin Revives The American Dream

With so much turmoil in our country, Bitcoin presents an opportunity to regain our societal foundations.Bitcoin revives the American dream.It’s a strong claim, I know.How would you describe the current landscape of relationship building, and family formulation? Typically within my circles it’s met with anxiety and a general lack of excitement. Why do we think this is? I think that...

Aug 20 2021

Bitcoin Is The Successor To Violence

Aug 20 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture sound money violence war

Bitcoin completely negates the need for violence by incentivizing trade and peaceful cooperation. Image source I would like to...

Aug 15 2021

On 50th Fiat Anniversary, Bitcoin Can Solve U.S. Gratification Addictions

On the 50th anniversary of the fiat dollar, the U.S. is addicted to instant gratification in money printing, processed foods and more.My fellow plebeians of Bitcoin, El Salvadorians, Nigerians and Americans… I bring you here today for a very special reason. It is the 50th anniversary of a moment that has proven so pivotal and insidious, that every single corner of America’s...

Jul 30 2021

Elizabeth Warren Is Trying To Limit Financial Inclusion

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture law lawmakers regulation senate

Despite groundbreaking work occurring within Bitcoin, our “progressive” leaders continue to make backwards progress.If you’re a member of the Bitcoin community, whether self-proclaimed or working with an entity such as Bitcoin Magazine, you should be well-experienced with the chaotic nature of the narratives and politics around Bitcoin — and the sweepingly ignorant inclusion with “cryptocurrencies” in...

May 21 2021

Much Energy, Such Morals; Bitcoin Is Better

The energy debate is misleading, and characterizes energy usage as an objectively measurable undertaking (which is not true).Bitcoin. Internal combustion engines. Netflix. Norton. Twitter. Facebook. Online banking. ATMs. Security cameras (and their systems). Printers. Lightbulbs. Christmas lights. Easy-Bake Ovens.Tinder....

May 07 2021

How Bitcoin Changes Our Perception Of Money

May 07 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture perception

The way we traditionally perceive money is, at its root, misguided, as money is what allows humans to experience value.The Root Of All EvilFor my entire life, to the best of my memory, I can recall one persistent narrative:“For the love of money is the root of all evil, therefore selfishness must be the seed.” — M. D. Birmingham (which...

Apr 15 2021

Bitcoin Power: The Energy Of A Money

Energy production and its surrounding industry will experience a major shift in operations as Bitcoin becomes a driving force of profit.The energy sector is seeing a complete paradigm shift:Bitcoin’s monetary network effectMonetization of energyLeads to an arms race of energy tech becoming more and more efficient and productiveCheap energy production...

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