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Oct 23 2021

COVID-19 Is Accelerating Asia’s Digital Future Of CBDCs And Bitcoin

A future powered by digital assets is assured as governments around the world look to technology for economic progress.Whether or not you’d believe inflation could reach World War II levels, it’s clear that the global economy post-COVID-19 looks uncertain. A chasm is growing between the developed and developing markets fueled by uneven vaccination rates and Gross Domestic Product growth. Central Bank Digital...

Apr 22 2021

Bitcoin’s Global Hash Power Balance

The global distribution of hash power may shift as various factors come into play during Bitcoin’s continued growth.Flex Yang is the CEO of Babel Finance, a leading cryptocurrency financial services provider based in Asia.What Are Some Key Factors In “Winning” The Global Hash Power War?In 2021, the bitcoin market is surely reaching an inflection point, as its market cap surpassed...

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