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Jan 01 2022

Bitcoin And Those Who Represented Its Principles Across Time

Jan 01 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture eoy 2021 freedom history ideas

As we get one year closer to hyperbitcoinization, we should remember individuals of the past that stood for the ethos of Bitcoin.A record-setting year is coming to a close. Bitcoin is stronger than it was a year ago by many multiples. Dipping a toe into mainstream news again, the network has been reminded again of how much the establishment does not want...

Dec 09 2021

Consumers: A Hidden Derogatory Term Unveiled by Bitcoin’s Economic Clarity

Dec 09 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas marty's bent philosophy

The term “consumer” has misappropriated the economic behavior of the population. Bitcoin enables its participants to act rationally.Identity is a topic of interest in 2021. Taking steps beyond the self-esteem efforts in the 1980s, the self-categorization movement efforts now seek to find empowerment in political agendas based on race, subculture, religion, gender, and/or sexual orientation. The aim, whether...

Sep 16 2021

Bitcoin, Voting Blocs And The Effect On Bipartisanship

The steady polarization of society we are currently undergoing may be reversed with a bitcoin standard.There Are Always TwoPolarity is a staple of our existence: North and south, good and evil, black and white, Jedi and Sith, Marvel and DC. Middle grounds and tertiary options often become consumed by the intense opposing forces at the edge. These gray areas often find...

Aug 17 2021

The Inherent Greed Of The Fiat System

Aug 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fiat inflation religion

The current monetary system of the world exposes the poor and disadvantaged to continuous debasement of value.Think back to the first time you were given a dollar. You were four, maybe five years old. It is a powerful first for a child: the first time you buy something with your own money. You handed the clerk your dollar and he exchanged with...

Jul 28 2021

Financial Protestants: How The Bitcoin Revolution Resembles The Reformation

Various similarities exist between The Protestant Reformation and the revolution being built around Bitcoin.The European Renaissance is generally held in high regard in the Bitcoin community as a model of a contrarian, revolutionary impact on the world. This movement was driven by humanist thought leadership and philosophy, scientific discovery, geographic exploration and artistic evolution. Likewise, Bitcoiners...

Jun 02 2021

For Black America, Bitcoin Is Hope, Bitcoin Is Change

Bitcoin represents monetary freedom and thus a new and viable solution to closing the wealth gap.IntroductionThis essay is designed to address internal risk areas in African American household economics, offer realistic mitigation strategies and summarize why I believe Bitcoin will be a permanent, generational solution to the racial wealth gap. I will leverage the themes of “harder, smarter, faster,...

Apr 23 2021

Christian Fear of Bitcoin Stems From Lack of Knowledge and Misdirection

Apr 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  christianity culture religion

The characteristics and values that define Bitcoin have more in common with Christianity than mainstream opinions may convey.“No Stance” Is the Wrong StanceThe silence among Christians regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency is surprising and alarming. While the Bible offers several hundred verses about prayer and faith, there are over 2,000 with the focus on money and wealth. Arguably, the most prominent...

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