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Dec 14 2021

Today's Economy Parallels Weimar Germany's Hyperinflation, But Now We Have Bitcoin

The more things change the more they stay the same; our modern inflationary currencies are beginning to mirror that of Weimar.In the early 1920s, the value of the papiermark (the native currency of the Weimar Republic of Germany) lost almost all of its purchasing power, causing tremendous instability within Weimar for many years as society tried to wrestle with the fact that...

Aug 05 2021

Hard To Soft Money: The Hyperinflation Of The Roman Empire

Historically, hyperinflation is a positive feedback loop of free money, illusionary wealth and greed.Almost two thousand years before the early 1920s Weimar Germany hyperinflation, there was the great currency debasement of the Roman Empire....

May 20 2021

Warren Buffet And Charlie Munger Don’t Understand Bitcoin

The two billionaires suffer from the same fiat illusion that keeps them from accepting and understanding a bitcoin standard.Why Do Munger And Buffet Criticize Bitcoin?A breakdown of Berkshire Hathaway’s top-12 portfolio holdings and their high correlation with the existing fiat financial service system.Have you ever noticed people who criticize bitcoin possess one of two key...

Apr 25 2021

Why Are Athletes Demanding To Be Paid In Bitcoin?

Apr 25 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture football nba nfl russell okung

What's factoring into the growing trend among professional athletes and sports teams to use bitcoin as a means of exchange?The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA) recently made headlines when their owner Vivek Ranadive announced that in the near...

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