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Nov 08 2021

The Salvadoran Construction Worker Who Inspired The Bitcoin World

Bitcoin Magazine's latest print cover tells the story of Bitcoin's unprecedented financial access in one photograph.What does it mean when we say Bitcoin provides financial access? It is a phrase too often separated from meaning, relegated to press releases, to advertisements, to speeches made in stadiums, in front of people whose lives go on, unaffected by whatever gadget, whatever app, whatever the...

Jul 22 2021

The Unbearable Tragedy of The B​​ Word

The B Word Bitcoin conference was a travesty of discourse that failed to advance the conversation on Bitcoin as a technology in any meaningful way....

Jul 02 2021

Mircea Popescu's Most Influential Bitcoin Writing

The late Bitcoin pioneer Mircea Popescu left an indelible, if controversial, legacy in the space, defined largely by his blog posts.Editor's note: This article links to blogs that may contain graphic or offensive content.There's an old saying about the rock band The Velvet Underground — their first album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band....

Jun 28 2021

Mircea Popescu, Bitcoin Blogger And Provocateur, Reported Dead At 41

Mircea Popescu'a aggressive brand of unapologetic, uncompromising Bitcoin evangelism made his influence enduring despite his documented instances of sexism and bigotry.Editor's note: This article links to blogs that may contain graphic or offensive content.Where to begin with Mircea Popescu? A Romanian by residency, provocateur by occupation and the "world's greatest...

May 21 2021

7 Surprising Facts About Bitcoin Pizza Day

The Bitcoin Pizza Day story is one of the technology’s most historic tales, but even if you know the Bitcoin pizza price, these facts might surprise you....

Apr 26 2021

The Last Days of Satoshi: What Happened When Bitcoin’s Creator Disappeared

Apr 26 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin satoshi technical

10 years after Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto's disappeared, Pete Rizzo distills the full story of his time as project leader into one readable article.“Tradition demands that there is no gap between kings.” – Terry PratchettThey suspected that he was British[X], that he was Yakuza[...

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