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Oct 27 2021

How To Set Up And Use The SeedSigner Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

This guide and review for the SeedSigner Bitcoin hardware wallet helps users protect their private keys in an entropy-preserving way.SeedSigner is the new, cool kid on the block when it comes to DIY Bitcoin hardware wallets. It's a very interesting device that certainly does things differently compared to the other hardware wallets on the market.Highlights include:It’s cheap to make...

May 03 2021

Bitcoin: Or How We Became Gods

May 03 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cultural culture philosophy religion

The limitations of physical reality are what make certain creations divine. Bitcoin reflects these properties in the digital realm.If Bitcoin were a mechanical watch, the fee market (not the free market) would be the mechanism making everything tick.This is where everything starts and ends.This is where censorship resistance comes from and where the precious resource of block space gets priced...

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