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Dec 01 2021

Co-Opted By Wall Street: Bitcoin’s Biggest Risk?

As bitcoin gains mainstream acceptance from centralized financial institutions, will Wall Street come to ruin what is most powerful about the asset?Bitcoin’s potential is immense — an independent global reserve asset, the foundation of a more ethical financial system, uncorrupted by centralized financial overlords. But what is the risk that bitcoin could become co-opted and corrupted by those centralized...

Nov 15 2021

China’s Bitcoin Ban Is The Unnoticed Geopolitical Event Of The Decade

It may be under appreciated just how badly the autocratic government of China blundered with bitcoin.The political and economic sun has been rising in the East over the past century with China playing an increasingly important role in global geopolitics. Despite this trend, I have long been skeptical of China’s centralized and autocratic governance structure, and 2021 could be a monumental year,...

May 05 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About A Bitcoin Ban

Although they may seem threatening, bans on Bitcoin have never worked and will continue to be circumvented by the network.Worried About A Ban? Then You Need Bitcoin More Than You ThinkSkeptics often argue that governments will ban Bitcoin when it becomes too important and threatens national sovereignty. At least these critics understand Bitcoin’s importance and the power that state currency monopolies...

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