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Dec 18 2021

Turkey’s Inflation Is An Example Of Why We Need Bitcoin

Increasingly expensive groceries, wages unable to keep up and desperation amongst the people are proof of the necessity of decentralized currency.Turkey is a cautionary tale and perhaps a harbinger of things to come for other countries with weakening currencies. The Turkish lira has fallen by nearly...

Jun 21 2021

How Bitcoin Improves Financial Access And Inclusion

Bitcoin is, for many, the first opportunity to store wealth in a safe and secure manner, without outside manipulation.El Salvador’s decision to use bitcoin as legal tender in their country was recently celebrated by bitcoin HODLers around the world. Yet the International Monetary Fund (IMF) quickly expressed concerns...

May 17 2021

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Bitcoin?

May 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture irs taxeable events taxes

What is the current outlook on bitcoin taxes, and what might the future hold as the network and asset grows?While many joke about that unfortunate boating accident that magically makes all bitcoin disappear, the vast majority of us know that as the popular meme goes, “One does not simply not pay taxes.” This article is geared toward the U.S. tax code, as...

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