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Jan 15 2022

Bitcoin Bear Markets: What, Why, When?

Bitcoin bear markets can be brutal. Don’t try to predict the next one — rather, be prepared for it!Bitcoin has had its fair share of bear markets in the past. Let’s briefly recap the most significant ones and see what we can learn from them.The 2011-2012 Bear MarketThe bitcoin price fell from $29 on June 8, 2011 to $2.10 on...

Dec 10 2021

How Taproot Brings Major Benefits To Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

While we’ve explored Taproot before, here we pay particular attention to how the upgrade will impact hardware wallets.Taproot recently activated on Bitcoin’s mainnet. The inclusion in Bitcoin’s protocol, however, is only the first step in actually reaping the benefits of Bitcoin’s latest upgrade. “It's been a long story that started in a diner in Los Altos, CA where Greg...

Nov 04 2021

Chip Shortage: Causes, Severity And The Impact On Bitcoin

What are the causes of the global chip shortage, how severe is it and is there any impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem?Without a steady supply of new chips, our economies would grind to a halt. To get an idea of how important chips are: MOSFETs, semiconductor components of all modern chips, are the most frequently manufactured device in history. It’s...

Oct 03 2021

Fiat Money Is Babel, Bitcoin Is Clarity

Fiat obstructs true price signals which convey economic reality, and bitcoin fixes this.Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.-Genesis 11:7The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design. ...

Sep 16 2021

The State Could Try To Leech Off Of Bitcoin Rather Than Banning It

Governments truly wanting to “beat Bitcoin” may carefully consider siphoning the value gained through bitcoin.I think at the end of the day if it’s really successful, they will kill it and they will try to kill it. And I think they will kill it because they have ways of killing it. -Ray Dalio on BitcoinBanning Bitcoin is a practical impossibility. The...

Aug 27 2021

Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Rejuvenate Your Hope In Life

Aug 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas philosophy

Although things may seem objectively bad right now, there is reason for hope.A gloomy outlook on the future is understandable, given the events of the past 18 months. But when we consider things from a wider perspective, we find that this is the best time in history to be alive. And it’s about to get much better, as with Bitcoin we have...

Aug 24 2021

Bitcoin Is The Sustainable Money Europe Deserves

Only bitcoin offers a truly sustainable path forward for the continent which prizes this attribute.Recently we have been tragically exposed to a thought process of one Eero Heinäluoma, a Socialist member of the European Parliament. While it doesn’t seem like there’s actually any proposal to ban bitcoin mining at this moment, it’s safe to assume that such a proposal is just a...

Aug 22 2021

You Are Not Too Late To Become Wildly Wealthy With Bitcoin

Despite what appearances suggest, the best of Bitcoin is yet to come.When I discovered bitcoin some years ago, I thought I was woefully late to the party. In retrospect it’s obvious how hilariously wrong I was. Like Jon Snow, I knew nothing. Most of the price action, technological development, geopolitical consequences —all this was still ahead of me. And as years go...

Jul 28 2021

Your Financial Data Is Not Private, Bitcoin Can Fix That

By practicing these tips, HODLers can ensure privacy in a financial data hungry world.On April 4, 1933, probably only a handful of Americans were prudent enough to hold gold coins in their homes. There seemed to be nothing wrong with keeping the gold safe in the banks, after all. All of this changed a day later when President Roosevelt announced...

Jul 21 2021

Protecting Your HODL Legacy: Shamir Backups And Inheritance Planning

Awareness of one's own mortality is a sign of maturity, as is the recognition of the critical importance of securing one’s bitcoin.At the height of the 2017 bull run, I came across a sobering post. It went something like this: there was a young man who acquired about 20 bitcoin early on. As the price went from $1,000 to almost $20,000 over...

Jul 13 2021

El Salvador Needs To Understand The Bitcoin Network

It is important for the country to adopt bitcoin not only as a medium of exchange, but as a store of value on chain.Recent news from El Salvador has sparked well deserved interest among Bitcoiners and in the mainstream media. The most pressing question is how ordinary Salvadorans will actually use bitcoin in everyday life. For example, will it be possible to...

May 17 2021

The Fiat Mindset: Why Most Economists Don’t Get Bitcoin

Modern economists are often vehemently opposed to bitcoin and its application as money - why is this?Josef Tětek is a SatoshiLabs and Trezor Brand Ambassador.It’s a tulip mania, a Ponzi scheme, a bubble about to burst. You’ve heard it all before. And not just from your nocoiner friends: This narrative has been pushed for years by many famous economists with a...

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