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Oct 05 2021

Everyone Is Early To Bitcoin

Scaling solutions promise to bring exponential growth to Bitcoin, ensuring that current volatility is a mere blip in the future.I know of people that see the price of bitcoin and think to themselves, “Damn, I missed it. I’m late.” Because of this, they are drawn to the lower priced coins, the altcoins, that will ultimately have no value in the long run....

Aug 06 2021

Why Bitcoin Can Save Us From Inflation

In a world where capital misallocation is rampant, the sovereign store of value that is Bitcoin offers hope.On July 13 at around 8:30 AM EDT, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for the month of June dropped. According to the report, consumer prices...

Jun 30 2021

Will An African Country Be The Next To Adopt Bitcoin?

The continent is ripe for the opportunity of embracing the interconnecting digital economy of Bitcoin.With El Salvador becoming the first country to give legal tender status to bitcoin, it begs the question: should African countries follow suit? After June 8, we can say that the world entered the “nation state...

Jun 09 2021

Why Every Single Person Needs Bitcoin

The humanitarian aspects of bitcoin overshadow the nominal value focused on by many westerners.It's become really easy to get lost with all the volatility and headlines present in Bitcoin lately. The various altcoins are becoming more and more distracting, albeit ever-useless, and new entrants into the space continue to make us forget the real reason why we are here. Unfortunately, the people...

May 19 2021

There’s Enough Bitcoin For Everyone

May 19 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin supply culture divisibility

The divisibility of bitcoin is what allows it to be utilized by any amount of people in a myriad of use cases.Bitcoin is unique in that when the last bitcoin is mined, around the year 2140, there will be approximately 20,999,999.9769, rounded off to 21 million, bitcoins in circulation. Also, by 2140, there’s going to be more people on the planet than...

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