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Jan 11 2022

Why Aren’t More Women Into Bitcoin?

If you believe Bitcoin represents the future, then you should want women to get ahead of the adoption curve to better their lives.IntroIf you could inspire one group of people to embrace Bitcoin, which would it be? A whole country? Bond traders? Family office managers? While any of these groups would have a major impact if, say, 5% of its population...

Nov 22 2021

LABitConf Day Two Was Bitcoin’s Time To Shine

Day two of the LABitConf happening in El Salvador held incredible discussions from industry leaders.Much like drinking from Tamanique Falls, El Salvador’s tallest waterfall, taking in the steady stream of world class information from the last session day of LABitConf is about as difficult as banning bitcoin in the country of your choice. Thankfully, anyone can replay the...

Nov 19 2021

LABitConf 2021 Day One Exceeded Expectations

Check out the latest from the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference taking place in El Salvador. Photo Credit:...

Nov 17 2021

Adopting Bitcoin: A Lighting Summit Day One Recap

The gathering of Lightning developers and builders, taking place in El Salvador, kicked off with high energy and fantastic talks.With over 700 attendees from over 30 countries at this conference, the energy is electric as Lightning is powering El Salvador’s move from little-known country to Bitcoiners’ top destination. As Bitcoin culture is bigger and broader than ever before, there are a dizzying...

Nov 09 2021

Interview: Discussing Panama’s Crypto Bill With Its Architects

An interview with two architects behind Panama's proposed cryptocurrency bill, which would legally define bitcoin for the country.What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Panama?” The Panama Canal? Please don’t say Van Halen’s catchy ode to nothing resembling actual Panama. Having gone there for the first time this September, my eyes were opened to the beauty...

Sep 08 2021

Mario Gomez Lozada On El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law

With El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law poised to take effect, we speak with a prominent Salvadoran entrepreneur about his thoughts on the development.Mario Gomez Lozada, CEO of PowerTrade, is a finance professional and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the fixed income and currencies & commodities markets. In 2014, Lozada founded...

Aug 31 2021

Panama Could Benefit From Bitcoin Adoption Like El Salvador

Following in El Salvador’s footsteps, Panama remains poised to become a leading bitcoin adopter.A few brave people in Panama are pushing to move a cryptocurrency bill forward as they work to overcome fear and uncertainty from the majority in Congress and the general population.On June 8, 2021, Satoshi Nakamoto smiled as wide as the horizon that can be seen from the...

Jul 21 2021

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

Jul 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bears culture history

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.There will always be people who criticize creators of breakthrough technologies. And their criticisms may affect no one or millions depending on their reach. However, the loudest are often leaders in their fields and influential because of their work. These innovation antagonists oppose any who attempt what...

Jun 20 2021

Which Nation Will Follow El Salvador's Lead?

Jun 20 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture el salvador panama

With the nation state game theory playing out in front of us, it is interesting to speculate on who may be next.El Salvador’s bold and groundbreaking move to declare bitcoin legal tender on June 8, 2021 has caught the attention of the world and the imagination of their Latin American neighbors. As the 14th most populated country in Latin America and with...

May 29 2021

Five Reasons Bitcoin’s Number Go Up Technology Works

May 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin price bullish culture

Despite the dip, these five factors have continued their contribution to bitcoin’s rising price.Does Bitcoin’s Number Go Up (NGU) Technology Still Work?If this question has entered your mind in the past several months, read on to learn why the evidence for number go up (NGU) is stronger than ever. While the past two and a half months may have led some...

May 27 2021

Dip Drama: Three Lessons The Bitcoin Dip Can Teach You About Relationships

May 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture love relationships

The current lull in the price of bitcoin is an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned during these experiences.Marriage during the dip can be maddening, yet enlightening. Here are some lessons I’ve learned from the last two bitcoin dips.I have been married for just over a year, and few things have caused my wife and I as much friction as bitcoin....

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