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Jan 02 2022

Why Jerome Powell’s Policies Are Bullish For Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve continues to create economic conditions ripe for a bitcoin bull market as capital seeks reliable returns.This article was highly inspired by a conversation I had with Tom Luongo in October 2021, and his thesis on geopolitics and the macro economic landscape of today. You can hear the conversation on my podcast,...

Jun 29 2021

Bitcoin Blowback: A History Of Dollar Hegemony, Economic Warfare And A Bright Orange Alternative

This essay addresses a history of dollar domination fabricated by the war machine that is the United States.AbstractThe United States dollar dominates world commerce. In 2019, it made up 88% of global trade, and no other currencies came close. This dominance gave the United States power over any other country that exports anything from anywhere. For example, due to the mechanics...

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