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Oct 18 2021

First-Ever US Bitcoin ETF Set to Debut on New York Stock Exchange on October 19

ProShares’ Bitcoin ETH will be the first exchange-traded fund in the United States. The soon-to-be-launched Bitcoin ETF will be traded under the ticker BITO. BITO will provide Bitcoin exposure to US-based investors that feel at ease buying stocks and ETFs but are not prepared to use cryptocurrency exchange to acquire digital assets.

Jul 12 2021

EU Will Create a New Regulatory Body to Oversee “Dirty Money” and Unlawful Crypto Transactions

Bitcoin and other digital assets have always been seen as a good albeit a bit risky investment class. This is mostly because the amount of profit that the crypto assets can potentially generate trumps more conventional trading opportunities. Despite the crypto industry’s best effort to self-regulate and to cooperate with government officials, some experts and financial agencies remain skeptical about digital assets.

Jul 08 2021

Ethereum’s Smart Contract Popularity Could Make it the Most Popular Store of Value, According to Goldman Sachs

In a recent note to its clients, investment banking giant Goldman Sachs shared its prediction for the future of the cryptocurrency space, specifically about which coin will emerge victorious as the most dominant store of value.

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