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Sep 03 2021

The Transition Between Fiat And Bitcoin

Bitcoin is going to overtake fiat — and bitcoiners can make choices to best facilitate this transition.One World, Two Systems: Why Bitcoin And Fiat Must Learn To Live TogetherTwo competing economic systems eye each other warily across the ideological divide. One is based on complete state control and surveillance of its citizens; the other celebrates personal and financial freedom. The world...

Jul 26 2021

Why Bitcoin Will Usurp Fiat As The World’s Medium Of Exchange

The competition will become clearly one-sided as the black hole of value that is bitcoin absorbs everything around it.Bitcoin was never going to be a store of value… until it was. It was never going to become a reserve currency, right up until the point when major businesses and investors started converting their fiat treasuries into bitcoin. And the next thing the...

Jul 10 2021

The Inevitability Of Bitcoin Supremacy

Bitcoin is a black hole of value sucking in any and all reserve currencies, slowly but surely.Bitcoin has risen from the dead so many times, it makes Lazarus look lazy. Yet its doubters persist: “Bitcoin is a bubble,” they say; a “risky speculation with little chance of ever becoming an established form of money,” they shout.But Bitcoin’s obituarists...

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