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Jan 06 2022

What Would Einstein Have Made Of Bitcoin?

Jan 06 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas people

The great physicist Einstein would certainly have understood the simplicity and irreplicable nature of Bitcoin's creation and structure.I’ll start with some bad news. Unfortunately, the world of cryptocurrency has somewhat misappropriated Einstein’s name. There is the Canadian Einstein exchange, which...

Dec 29 2021

The Bitcoin Price And Looking To The Future

A common question, there are many aspects that affect the price of bitcoin; what can we focus on going into 2022?As we come to the end of 2021, it’s popular to reflect on the year gone by, and produce crystal balls to predict the future bitcoin price. Firstly, though, one of my favourite thoughts about the future in general comes...

Nov 23 2021

The Parallels Between Bitcoin’s Principles And “How To Be Idle”

A study of how exactly Bitcoin’s principles are represented in the 2004 book by Tom Hodgkinson.Many Bitcoiners have highlighted parallels between some of Bitcoin’s ideals and the book first published in 1997, “The Sovereign Individual.” To take you in an altogether different direction, I’ll draw attention to a relatively unknown and gentler text, which I’ve noticed also contains a number of parallels...

Oct 18 2021

What Elon Musk Got Wrong About The Bitcoin Block Size

Oct 18 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  block size culture elon musk

Musk’s points were already addressed in the block size debate previously, and have been shown to detract from decentralization.At “The B Word” conference earlier in the summer, there was a memorable panel event with Elon Musk, Cathy Wood and Jack Dorsey in which we were able to ascertain a little more (than we had often seen in tweets) about Elon Musk’s Bitcoin...

Sep 21 2021

Can Toxic Maximalists Hurt Bitcoin?

A recent debate has arisen around toxic maximalism in bitcoin; but does this really affect anything?June 4 2021, Bitcoin Conference, Miami, Florida: Max Keiser strides onto the stage, clad in a white suit, in triumphant fashion, yelling, “YEAH! YEAH! WE’RE NOT DONE! WE’RE NOT DONE!...

Sep 06 2021

Valuing MicroStrategy In Bitcoin

A glimpse at what MicroStrategy could be worth given various scenarios relating to the bitcoin price.This article will explore:a) How we might discern the value of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a company in a fairly unique situation in the space, as well as the basics of how value investors operate.b) Whether or not, given that MSTR is so heavily invested in bitcoin,...

Jul 11 2021

How To Restore Our “Value(s)”: An Open Letter To Dr. Mark Carney

Jul 11 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture inflation sound money

This letter addresses the ideas proposed by Dr. Carney in his videos, as Bitcoin represents an answer to many of the problems discussed.Dear Dr. Carney,This is an open letter in response to your Reith lecture series on the BBC from December 2020, “How We Get What We Value.” This...

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