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Aug 03 2021

Wells Fargo Provides Cryptocurrency Exposure to its Wealthy Clients

Wells Fargo is set to become the latest among the growing group of large financial institutions to provide Bitcoin and digital currency exposure to its wealthy clientele, according to Bussiness Insider.

Aug 02 2021

Square’s Cash App Bitcoin Profits Double in Q2, BTC drove $2.7 billion in gross revenue

Shared in the letter to shareholders yesterday, Square disclosed its earnings figures for the second quarter of 2021. Compared to last year, the company’s total gross profit rose by an impressive 91%, to $1.1 billion. Bitcoin revenue increased more than 200% year-over-year (YoY).

Jul 30 2021

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Appears in Ashton Kutcher’s Living Room

Ethereum co-founder and one of the most recognizable people in the blockchain space, Vitalik Buterin, has recently appeared on Twitter video with actor Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis. The Hollywood couple and Buterin discussed Ethereum and blockchain technology in general out of the comfort of the couple’s home.

Considering Buying the Dip? Here’s Why You Should Use Binance To Do It

To everyone who closely follows the cryptocurrency price movements as well as for those who just take a look at the market values every now and then, it is obvious that the crypto marketplace is a volatile place.

Jul 27 2021

Coin98’s Strategic Funding Round Raises $11.25M, C98 Price Surges 17x Since its Binance Launchpad IEO

Coin98 has opened up trading on Binance with a bang, up more than 17x since its initial Binance Launchpad IEO token sale price. During the strategic funding round that concluded at the end of May of this year, Coin98 managed to raise more than $11 million.

Tether Executives are Being Investigated by the Department of Justice

As reported by Bloomberg on Monday, executives at the helm of the biggest stablecoin in the market are facing a probe by the Department of Justice (DOJ). DOJ is searching through Tether’s old records and "scrutinizing whether Tether concealed from banks that transactions were linked to crypto”, the report said.

Jul 26 2021

Bitcoin Climbs Towards $40,000 as Whole Market Gains 9% in a Single Day

After a slow couple of weeks, which saw mostly sideways trading movements among the bigger cryptocurrencies and only smaller altcoins recording double- digit gains, the crypto market has exploded in the last 24 hours. Following the news that e-commerce behemoth, Amazon, might start accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2021, the prices of most coins in the marketplace increased drastically.

Rumors of Amazon Accepting Bitcoin Payments Spur the Largest Single-Day Gain in 6 Weeks

It all started with a simple job advert in which the e-commerce giant Amazon made apparent that it was looking for a blockchain technology expert to supposedly lead its new digital currency department. What followed was a crazy market rally, which saw the total crypto market cap record an 8% gain and Bitcoin reach its highest price in over a month.

Jul 23 2021

JPMorgan Provides Access to Crypto Funds to its Wealth Clients

Institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency industry has been one of the main storylines this year. Now, JPMorgan has instructed its financial advisors via an internal memo to start collecting trade orders from their wealth clients interested in investing in crypto funds.

Ripple vs SEC: Big Procedural Win for XRP, Former SEC Official Allowed to Testify

In 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official William Hinman argued that Ethereum is sufficiently decentralized and therefore can’t be considered a security. At the time, the SEC decision was received positively by the crypto community, however, it received a fair bit of scrutiny by legal experts as it inadvertently introduced unprecedented addition to the so-called Howey Test, a US Supreme Court’s...

Jul 22 2021

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey Express Their Support for Crypto at the B Word Conference, Prices Soar

At Wednesday’s live-streamed session hosted at The B Word Conference, Tesla’s self-declared ‘Technoking’ Elon Musk, Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey and ARK Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood appeared as guests. The trio of CEOs was asked poignant questions regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

How China is Using Bitcoin as a Mean to Extract Money Out of the U.S.

“Trade wars are good, and easy to win,” famously tweeted former U.S. President Donald Trump early in 2018. Fourth year into the trade dispute and many billions lost across each state’s economy as well as up to 245,000 jobs lost on behalf of the U.S. in the meantime, the trade war with China, doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

Wault’s Decentralized Solutions Will Revolutionize DeFi

Amidst the surge of the Covid-19 pandemic in many parts of the world last year, there was an unprecedented increase in the demand for digitized solutions worldwide. E-commerce, e-meetings, online workplaces, and many digital solutions sprouted from every corner of the world. Most notably, the financial industry has been undergoing a massive shift with the rise of decentralizedd finance (DeFi), moving hand-in-hand with...

Jul 21 2021

New Proposal by the EU Intends to Make Bitcoin Transfers Easier to Trace

As a part of its latest effort to counter financial crime, the EU commission overhauls anti-money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism activities rules. Bitcoin falls within the scope of the new proposal. According to BBC, the new EU law would force businesses to acquire recipient’s and sender’s details when transfers of crypto assets are made.

The U.S. is Quickly Turning Into the World’s Premiere Bitcoin Mining Destination

Chinese crackdowns on Bitcoin mining operations across the country have forced many miners to search for a new home. Over the recent months, the United States is emerging as the most likely destination for Bitcoin miners, as the abundance of renewable energy sources and cheap gas prices makes mining in the country very enticing.

Jul 20 2021

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Starts a Debate About Bitcoin and Ethereum on Twitter

One of the boxing greats, Mike Tyson, sure knows how to keep up with the latest trends. Since retirement, the former boxer has become a podcast host, started a marihuana business in Nevada and appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. In 2015 he was already a part of a crypto venture. Now, he is asking his fans which of the big two...

Jul 19 2021

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Tells Congress That Additional Regulations for Stablecoins are Required

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman appeared before Congress and shared his opinion before the representatives that the regulation on stablecoins should resemble that of bank deposits and other similar traditional monetary instruments. The most recent statement echoes the sentiment of the current US administration, which is also lobbying for additional regulatory measures for stable digital currencies.

ConsenSys CEO: Following the London Hard Fork we can Expect an ‘Enormous’ Increase in Demand for Ethereum

Ethereum is among the quickest developing blockchain platforms in the world. Thanks to a very engaged community and a talented team of experts, the network has been receiving a steady dose of new upgrades since its inception in July 2015. The latest in the line is the London mainnet upgrade, which is scheduled to go live on August 4th.

Jul 17 2021

Binance Smart Chain Among The Biggest Losers in Q2 as DeFi Plunges

Key takeaways: Binance’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem had a short- lived success, as regulatory obstacles and Ethereum play a pivotal role in shrinking its market share. According to Messari’s Q2 DeFi...

Jul 16 2021

The Most Staked Cryptocurrency is Cardano (ADA) With $30B, Way Ahead of Second Placed Ethereum

Cardano, a decentralized network that focuses on building a smart contract- powered decentralized application ecosystem is by far the most staked chain in the crypto sector, establishing a multi-month trend. Being one of the most actively developed cryptocurrency projects, we’ve decided to highlight ADA in our latest Top 3 Coins to Watch weekly section.

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