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Dec 01 2020

Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin In Node Count Ahead Of Eth2 Genesis

A couple of hours ahead of Eth2 genesis, Ethereum node count has surpassed that of Bitcoin in a significant development. According to node tracking websites Ethernodes and...

Nov 30 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Exceeds Launch Requirements As Genesis Event Draws Near

In another major development, Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract reached the total required number of 524,288 ETH before the first deadline on Nov 24, paving the way for a smooth genesis event on Dec 01. It currently holds 837,920 ETH, which is 59.2% more than the amount required to launch the Eth2 network. This is is highly encouraging as the excess amount will ensure...

Nov 28 2020

Paypal Permanently Locked Account For Cryptocurrency Trading On Platform

Nov 28 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto

Paypal - the online payment processor recently introduced the limited facility to buy and sell cryptocurrency on it’s platform on Oct 21. Though initially made available for US users and offering only Bitcoin, Ethereum Cash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. Despite the crypto-community rejoicing over the news to increase adoption, legitimacy and usage. There were concerns raised on the nature of the Paypal...

Nov 26 2020

Yearn Finance And C.R.E.A.M. Finance In DeFi Collaboration

In a significant development, Yearn Finance and CREAM Finance developer teams have decided to join hands together to launch Creamv2 and collaborate on more DeFi projects on Nov 26. Cream v2 will combine lending and leverage to enable another interesting DeFi experiment. It will also become the flagship project of the Yearn/Cream partnership and the first of many collaborative projects....

Nov 23 2020

Pickle Finance Exploited For $20M In Most Complex Ever Code Execution

In the latest DeFi hack, stablecoin stabilizing protocol Pickle Finance was exploited on 21-11-2020 06:37 PM (UTC) for nearly $20M. It is notable because analysts are terming it as the most complex DeFi exploit ever, as pDAI jar was hacked with skill-full mastery. The system was gamed using multiple flaws, including Jar swap and Jar convert logic in an extremely sophisticated code execution....

Nov 22 2020

Institutional FOMO? Data Suggests Bitcoin’s Latest Rally Largely Driven By Institutional Interest

Bitcoin has been making new highs lately and passing ATH doesn’t appear to be far. It is however doing so in a very different manner than the last bull run. The climb in 2017-18 was more parabolic and intense, this time it seems more rational and calculated. Despite the price rising, the Google searches for Bitcoin are nowhere close to the...

Nov 20 2020

DeFi: Bancor Initiates Vampire Attack As Uniswap Liquidity Rewards Dry

Bancor has amassed a total value locked (TVL) figure of $62.1M since Nov 17, the day it launched a liquidity mining program in a so called vampire attack as Uniswap liquidity rewards dry. The pioneer automated market maker (AMM) had a total of $24M TVL on the day of program launch, which has since nearly tripled in a short period of time....

Nov 16 2020

Top 5 Most Attractive DeFi/NFT Investments

Currently, the sentiment in the crypto market is bullish neutral. After the exhilarating last few months, which saw the prices of most DeFi assets go through the roof. The market took a little pause but appears to be returning back again. During this time, many quality projects saw their token prices decrease massively, which are yet to recover their previous levels. Let's have...

Nov 15 2020

Tutorial: How to Stake on Ethereum 2.0 using Ankr

Nov 15 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  ankr blockchain crypto defi education

The Ethereum 2.0 genesis date is set for Dec 01. However, one important process needs to be completed before it is launched. The deployed deposit contract needs to amass at least 524,288 ETH for the network to go live. The...

Nov 07 2020

Ethereum 2.0 – All You Need To Know About Staking ETH

The highly anticipated Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract was released on Nov 4. Now, interested users can deposit their required 32 ETH in the contract, in anticipation of the Genesis or the Ethereum Phase 0 launch date set for Dec 1, 2020! However, contributing to the new mainnet isn't a light undertaking and we will discuss that in detail in this article....

Nov 04 2020

Ethereum 2.0 – Genesis set for December 1st!

The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has just been released on Github, with Genesis time set at Dec 1, 2020, 12pm UTC! This begins the transition towards the ETH 2.0 (also called Serenity) upgrade - the next iteration of the world's computer and Proof of Stake (POS)...

Nov 03 2020

Brokereo, The New CFD Broker On The Market

Brokereo is the newest CFD broker service. On the platform, it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices, precious metals and foreign exchange (Forex). Brokereo was founded in 2020 and is based in Cyprus. Offer Brokereo is particularly well represented in the cryptocurrency...

Huobi COO Arrested – Huobi Token Plummets Amidst Bizarre Happenings

The times are getting tough for centralized exchanges, after the recent problems at OKEx and KuCoin, this time it's Huobi Global which has bizarre events happening at the exchange. According to sources, Huobi Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr Zhu Jiawei has been under police investigation for quite some time now, while the Huobi founder Li Lin appears to be missing from the public...

Built On Graph Protocol – Everest Crypto/Web3 Registry Takes Shape

Launched this year and built on Graph Protocol, Everest decentralized registry for Crypto/Web 3 is finally taking shape! Over 1000 projects have been listed so far on this nascent project, aiming to organize/curate a list of projects and authentic information about them, in this space....

Oct 31 2020

Top 5 NFT Use Cases

Generally built on/around Ethereum, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been gaining popularity lately. Thanks to the community's relentless building endeavor, these individually unique digitally tokenized assets have been finding new usecases, besides the commonly known art...

Oct 29 2020

Token Allocation: How DeFi’s Greed Threatens Decentralization

The distributed ledger technology or blockchain and the resultant cryptocurrencies have basis in the principles of decentralization, immutability and shared ownership. However, a report released by crypto analytics Messari suggests that efforts to increase centralization are rising through team token allocations,mostly in DeFi related...

Oct 26 2020

DeFi Update – Bitcoin Tokenized on Ethereum crosses $2B, TVL Stabilizes at $11.6B

Oct 26 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news crypto defi ethereum

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) craze doesn’t appear to be ending soon, but is rather maturing with time. Even though the community has noticed a rundown in activity lately, that isn’t exactly true, as the total value locked now appears to be stabilizing at a mass psychological barrier of $12B on Oct 26, according to DeFi Pulse....

Oct 24 2020

Top 5 NFT Art Collections

Oct 24 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  blockchain crypto defi nft nft collections

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are giving birth to a new form of art market, this time a digital one on the blockchain. Blockchains are incredibly good at maintaining proof of ownership and verification of rarity, both things essential to art. The NFT art collections have gathered significant value, in a short period of time. So, what are the top NFT...

Oct 20 2020

Aavegotchi Mainnet Staking Is Live, Here’s What You Need To Know

Leading DeFi/NFT hybrid Aavegotchi announced that it's mainnet GHST token staking functionality has gone live on Oct 20. Though, only available for KYC'ed users, staking would generate a non transferable second token FREN, which can be redeemed for NFT cards, collectibles, contest tickets, games, consumables and more!...

Oct 17 2020

Binance Update: 13th Quarterly Burn And Binance Smart Chain

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Oct 17 that it has completed the 13th quarterly BNB token burn, which was also the largest ever in the exchange’s history so far, in terms of approximate USD value, however not in terms of BNB tokens. The team burned over 2.25M BNB tokens, representing 1.27% of the total supply and currently worth over $68M....

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