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Jan 21 2022

On The Ground In El Salvador With Samson Mow And The Volcano Bitcoin Bond

Bitcoin Magazine got an exclusive interview with Blockstream's Samson Mow to discuss El Salvador's new Volcano Bitcoin Bond.South America is alive and well today with the sound of new bitcoin initiatives: Rio de Janeiro taking taxes in bitcoin, Paraguay introducing new enabling legislation, Strike launching in Argentina, and El Salvador pioneering with bitcoin as its legal tender.Someone had to go first...

Jan 03 2022

Bitcoin Mining At Home: Trend To Watch In 2022

Bitcoin Magazine gets an inside scoop on the hot at home mining trend from various companies in the industry.Home bitcoin mining is enjoying a wave of popularity right now as would-be bitcoiners recognize all the positive spin- offs of mining at home: home heating, greenhouse projects, and being a part of the bitcoin revolution.As 2021 draws to a close, Bitcoin Magazine has...

Dec 10 2021

Thinking Outside The Box With Upstream’s New Black Box For Home Bitcoin Mining

Upstream Data CEO Steve Barbour joins Bitcoin Magazine for an exclusive interview on their latest mining product, the Black Box.There’s a revolution brewing in Northern Canada on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border where Steve Barbour and Upstream Data are building new equipment for home mining bitcoin.The winter temperature in Lloydminster is well below zero but Barbour, CEO and founder of Upstream is on...

Nov 30 2021

Kaboomracks Benefits From Bitcoin Home Mining Craze

Nick Foster of Houston-based bitcoin mining company Kaboomracks joins Bitcoin Magazine for an interview, discussing the current state of at home mining.Home and apartment bitcoin mining is enjoying a wave of popularity right now as bitcoiners recognize all the positive spin-offs of mining at home — home...

Nov 12 2021

Compass Mining Announces New Service For Trading Used ASICs

Compass Mining is launching a sales platform for individual miners where anyone can register as a vendor to buy and sell used ASICs.One of the fastest- growing trends in the bitcoin mining world today is the increasing demand for retail ASICs for home mining, taking Bitcoin full circle from where it all began.While big industrial mining companies like Atlas, Compute North, Hut8,...

Nov 02 2021

Compass Mining Doubles Its Capacity With New Venture In Ontario

Compass Mining partners with Red Jar Digital Infrastructure to pioneer Bitcoin mining in Ontario, Canada.Compass Mining, the one-stop-shopping online bitcoin mining and hosting service announced today it is doubling its capacity by 140MW to 240MW making it the largest service of its kind in the world.Compass is partnering with Red...

Nov 01 2021

Why Russia Is Benefiting From The Great Chinese Bitcoin Miner Migration

Nov 01 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban business china miner mining

Russia has increased its hash rate because of miners fleeing from China due to the country's ban against Bitcoin mining.Its been less than six months since China’s May 2021 crackdown on bitcoin mining, resulting in the greatest shakeup in the network’s history.According to Cambridge University’s Center for Alternative Finance (CFAF), since May, the US...

Oct 19 2021

Compute North And Atlas Mining Partner Up To Expand Their US Operations

Atlas expands its US mining operations in a 100MW deal with Compute North.Two giants of the bitcoin mining world — Atlas Technologies and Compute North — are partnering up to take advantage of an unprecedented time to expand their US operations just as interest in US mining is at an all-time high.Serious chip shortages and backed-up supply lines resulting in equipment...

Oct 14 2021

North Vancouver To Be World’s First City Heated By Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining company MintGreen to deliver innovative low-carbon mining waste solution to heat City of North Vancouver, BC.As the price of bitcoin rises, bitcoin's hashrate is also rising. Mining computers around the world are humming away and at the same time are producing amounts of waste in the form of excess heat that is unprecedented.Enterprising miners like Burnaby-based MintGreen, a Canadian...

Sep 29 2021

Why Are Bitcoin Mining ASIC Prices Surging And Where Will They Go Next?

The prices of ASICs, computing components central to Bitcoin mining, have surged this year. But why? And where will they go next?There could be a number of factors contributing to the rising price of bitcoin mining ASICs — the components that are central to the specialized machines used to secure the Bitcoin network in exchange for BTC rewards — including supply shortages,...

Sep 08 2021

How Blockstream’s New ASIC Division Will Propel Bitcoin Mining

Following a strategic acquisition and unicorn valuation, Blockstream is ready to drive the Bitcoin mining industry forward.Adding to a list of offerings that touches nearly every aspect of the industry, Bitcoin infrastructure company Blockstream is now planning to launch the “world’s first...

Aug 24 2021

Is Solar Power A Good Fit For Bitcoin Mining?

As Bitcoin transforms the incentives around energy use, will solar power become the future of mining?There are two energy revolutions currently underway that complement one another: the revolution in human energy use, as greener or more sustainable options become a priority in the light of climate change, and the Bitcoin revolution that is driving a whole new frontier in how energy is...

Aug 09 2021

Bitmain And The Institutionalization Of Bitcoin Mining Manufacturers

Bitmain’s path toward a public listing can tell us a lot about the institutionalization of the Bitcoin mining industry at large.It seems that the ground under Bitcoin businesses is shifting daily, first with a major shutdown and hash migration out of China, then with some wobbly prices and now with an...

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