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Oct 04 2021

How To Implement Bitcoin At Your Business

Following these steps makes implementing bitcoin at your business easy as can be.Dear Business OwnersDon’t you love giving away 3% or more of every sale to Visa and Mastercard? And isn’t it even better when people whip out their Amex? Who doesn’t like those fees? Oh, that’s right. Business owners don’t.Would you offer your customers a payment method which eliminates...

Sep 02 2021

You’re Helping Short Sellers If You Earn Interest On Bitcoin

The seemingly innocent act of earning interest on bitcoin actually supports short sellers.Why Do Institutions Give Out Interest-Like Payments For Your Bitcoin Deposits?The only reason is that they’re making even more money by lending out your bitcoin to other people. But to whom and for what purpose?Why Would Someone Want To Borrow Bitcoin?Could they be depositing that bitcoin into...

Aug 12 2021

The Plebs Guide To Bitcoin Mining At Home

If you care about the health of the Bitcoin network, you should consider mining bitcoin at home. Here’s how you can get started.You’re probably reading this article on Bitcoin Magazine, so I assume you already know what Bitcoin mining is. But if you need a refresher, have a read through here.Why Should I Mine Bitcoin? As for the “why”...

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