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Dec 03 2021

Straight Outta Comdex: Who’s Down with LBP?

Dec 03 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Discriminatory fundraising that further advantages wealthy investors has long plagued the world’s impoverished population. After generations of systematic economic abuse, cryptocurrency emerged as a great equalizer. Unfortunately, in the years since crypto’s inception, investment in the burgeoning asset class has also become inequitable. Cryptocurrency is not only highly volatile and extremely risky but too often, large buyers who are privileged to participate in...

KuCoin Is Hiring Metaverse Engineer, Job Posting Revealed

Dec 03 2021 Published at under tags  industry

The global KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has posted a job opening for a Metaverse Engineer, seeking to find a highly qualified specialist. The job posting includes a long list of prerequisites, outlining the future scope of work for the candidate, indicating the potential direction for KuCoin’s development in blockchain and metaverse space. Among the responsibilities that the...

Dec 02 2021

Can SpaceY 2025 Break the Bottleneck Faced by GameFi?

Dec 02 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Recently, Zuckerberg, CEO of the international social media giant “Facebook”, unveiled the long-awaited new name of the company on social media – Meta. Zuckerberg also announced that this will be the starting point of the next chapter of the Internet as well as Facebook. Thanks to the new name, the digital assets of Metaverse games and GameFi have skyrocketed overnight. As a matter...

Nov 22 2021

9D NFT Prepares for December Launch of First Martial Arts NFT MMO Game in SEA

Nov 22 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Martial Arts NFT MMO game 9D NFT is preparing for its official multi-platform launch in December, following a successful alpha test and an IDO kicking off the COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure) in-game economy. 9D NFT will be the first full-scale MMO game integrating NFTs and cryptocurrency into its core gameplay systems. An action RPG set in the age of myth and martial...

Nov 15 2021

SPACEY2025: 3D Tower Defense Game That Takes You to the Metaverse on Mars

Nov 15 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Non-fungible tokens have become one of the hottest topics within and outside of the blockchain sector. Besides the fact that they make the verification of authenticity and the transfer of assets more efficient, they are also lucrative. Thanks to NFTs, the idea of making money from digital holdings like memes, tweets, and so on is now a real possibility. This thirst for financially...

Nov 12 2021

How TopGoal is Building the Football Metaverse

Nov 12 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Blockchain technology has created room for countless new trends, but the most interesting of these is the rising interest in digital collectibles as non- fungible tokens (NFTs). For the uninitiated, NFTs are a category of blockchain-based crypto tokens representing off-chain assets like art, music, videos, and video-game collectibles. They first came into the limelight with the NFT game called CryptoKitties. The DeFi boom of...

Nov 10 2021

Introducing Blockchain Boys Club – The One Stop Destination for All Things Crypto

Nov 10 2021 Published at under tags  industry

The crypto industry is home to over 13000 cryptocurrencies, many of which were created to solve some of the major problems of our world. There are also thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe hatching ideas to use this revolutionary new technology for the betterment of the world. The industry presents a golden opportunity to investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts. But, keeping up with...

Nov 04 2021

This Exchange Offers Zero Gas Fees And No Slippage For Derivative Trading

Nov 04 2021 Published at under tags  industry

The crypto derivatives market is becoming crowded as numerous protocols are starting to offer a broad variety of instruments to both retail and institutional investors. However, almost all exchanges suffer from high gas fees associated with the lagging throughput of the leading blockchain networks. In addition, slippage remains a serious issue that is robbing market participants of potential incomes as blockchain trade executions...

Oct 25 2021

Photography-Inspired NFT SHABANGRS – A Unique Approach to the Space

Oct 25 2021 Published at under tags  industry shabangrs

The NFT space is exploding as more and more industries are putting their hat in the ring, launching projects of their own. Photography is no different. Photography continues to thrive thanks to social media platforms like Instagram. Today, taking photos is something people use to document their whole lives, not just take a family snapshot. With the resounding success of the NFT space...

Oct 22 2021

KuCoin Is Meeting Crypto’s Social Demands with New App Features That Redefine Crypto Trading

Oct 22 2021 Published at under tags  industry

KuCoin has morphed its trading ecosystem into a socially-focused one by reconstructing its app to fit the social expectations of crypto. They’ve introduced KuCoin S to give users a fluid trading experience that allows them to simultaneously learn crypto, making it easier for those without any crypto background to have a fear-free and engaging time. It all starts with the visual design of...

Oct 15 2021

Elite Doge Club: The NFT Project Bringing the Largest Collection of NFTs to DeFi

Oct 15 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Love them or hate them, you cannot ignore them. Yes! We’re talking about non- fungible tokens or NFTs as they’re popularly known. The trend that started with the popular game CryptoKitties, spread like wildfire and now has the global financial markets scratching their heads. While some people swear by this trend others are still left wondering how a JPEG can be so valuable. But...

Bloom Sets its Sights on KYC Compliance with OnRamp Launch

Oct 15 2021 Published at under tags  industry

For any legitimate business to succeed in the modern world, it is important that it be up-to-date with all regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction in which it operates. Two of the most important are know-your-customer (KYC)...

Oct 09 2021

Two NFT Projects Backed by Animoca Brands Partner to Achieve Cross-Metaverse Compatibility

Oct 09 2021 Published at under tags  industry

The Warena NFT-based metaverse, backed by Animoca brands, has entered into partnership with the Illuvium project, according to today’s Medium post. The aim of the integration, which is set to take place in two stages, is to achieve full cross-chain compatibility and provide players of both platforms with asset migration opportunities. The first...

Oct 07 2021

Auto1 FT Launches Europe’s First Blockchain Car Financing Program

Oct 07 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Blockchain technology has already brought about a wide variety of developments in various sectors, and the car financing sector seems to be next. In an innovative move, the leading financial partner of the automotive industry, Auto1 FT, is eliminating all manual input and paper processes from its core business. “Our digital solution brings enormous efficiency benefits for car dealers and is setting...

Sep 15 2021

The Current State of Cryptocurrencies and How to Implement Digital Money in Your Everyday Business

Sep 15 2021 Published at under tags  industry

During its relatively short lifetime, the cryptocurrency market has already experienced many drastic ups and downs. It’s a pretty volatile sector that is constantly evolving and changing. That being said, 2021 was an especially eventful year for crypto. For example, Bitcoin reached a new all-time high when it surpassed $60,000. Further, Ether...

Sep 14 2021

The Blockchain Gaming Revolution

Sep 14 2021 Published at under tags  industry

There is no doubt that Blockchain gaming will be the next big thing, and is ready to break into the mainstream. Just like other industries, the gaming industry has optimized Blockchain technology to increase transparency and fairness. Currently, the Blockchain gaming industry has adapted to even make use of NFTs, a big buzzword in the Cryptocurrency industry. Combining the use of NFTs and...

Sep 10 2021

How Rentible Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry With Blockchain Technology

Sep 10 2021 Published at under tags  industry

Every generation sees a fundamental innovation revolution. In the 20th century, the internet brought us closer. The 18th century ushered in the industrial revolution, while the 17th century enlightened humanity through the Renaissance. While some are naturally skeptical, many already believe that in the future people will look back at this current stage of early blockchain startups and compare it to the Internet...

Sep 09 2021

KuCoin Launches First-Ever Metaverse Trading Section For GameFi Trading

Sep 09 2021 Published at under tags  industry

KuCoin takes the lead in metaverse market fast-tracking as it launched a dedicated metaverse trading section on its official website amidst the ongoing NFT craze. The global KuCoin exchange has accelerated its integration into the rapidly growing mainstream blockchain-based gaming sector by introducing a specialized section on the trading venue that allows gamers and traders to access a wide variety of GameFi tokens....

Aug 31 2021

Aug 23 2021

KuCoin Sees 1144% Rise in Users, Female Traders Reach Unprecedented 38%

Aug 23 2021 Published at under tags  industry

KuCoin, one of the leading crypto exchanges, has announced its financial report for the second quarter of 2021, revealing solid growth in adoption and exchange metrics, such as new users, trading volumes and price performance. According to the report, the number of new KuCoin users has grown by 1144% in 2021,...

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