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Jan 15 2022

How I Define Bitcoin Generational Wealth

Beyond the numbers, what is “generational wealth” and how does bitcoin enable us to achieve this?Bitcoin Generational Wealth - The PreludeThis article was inspired by a fellow Bitcoiner, @chadlupkes and his constructive criticism of my first article on generational wealth. My first article focused too much...

Jan 14 2022

How Jack Mallers’ Strike Displays The Agility Of Bitcoin

The company started in 2019 is well on its way to revolutionizing the payments and remittances world through Bitcoin.I first heard of Jack Mallers in January 2020 and when I heard what he was doing with Strike, I immediately posted the message below on Facebook:...

Jan 07 2022

Why Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto Was Giordano Bruno

The pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, like Giordano Bruno, also challenged government-backed, violence-enforced dogma.The invention of Bitcoin comes after decades of hard work, persecution by the government and the relentless perseverance of the cypherpunks. Satoshi was humble enough to stand on the shoulders of cypherpunk giants and use many existing, first principle design parameters to help him/her/they create...

Nov 28 2021

Bitcoin Retirement And Generational Wealth Planning

Everyone should consider their plans for retirement, and bitcoin can help you achieve this major life goal.Before I found bitcoin, I was investing heavily into real estate to achieve early retirement and build generational wealth. When I found bitcoin and understood its value and future implications on the world, I knew that bitcoin would be the best asset I could ever buy...

Oct 29 2021

My Late Night Bitcoin Epiphany

Oct 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas sound money

In a late night fever, I had to explain to my friends the importance of the mission of Bitcoin and the economic clarity it provides. My 2 a.m. Bitcoin Epiphany from January 12, 2020, that I sent to my...

Oct 11 2021

Satoshi's Ark Will Save Bitcoiners

The creation of a decentralized monetary network provides an escape from the flood of fiat inflation.Imagine all of the people who laughed at Noah when he was building his ark to save his family from the inevitable flood that the Creator was going to unleash on Earth. Noah's faith was greatly tested as he spent month after month building a monstrous ark...

Sep 23 2021

Monetary Mutants Vs. Satoshi's Sentinels

Sep 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cultural culture ideas

The defenders of monetary freedom must continue to fight for bitcoin against the powers of evil.I would like to give credit for the inception of this article to one of my Twitter Spaces friends, “Ant” (@2140data).I have been trying to analogize Bitcoin to a creature or organism that is constantly evolving, adapting and surviving as it gets attacked over...

Sep 13 2021

A Look At The Game Theory Of Bitcoin

In part one of this series, we examine the game theory of bitcoin, an often mentioned but often misunderstood aspect of bitcoin adoption.What is game theory? Simply put, if you are playing any game of strategy, like chess, any move you make in the game will have to be countered by your opponent. The strategic decisions that you and your opponent make...

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