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Dec 22 2021

Three Easy Pieces: How to Teach Your Grandmother Bitcoin

“How do we get our grandmothers to grok Bitcoin like the shadowy super coders we always wanted them to be?”A defining feature of the Digital Era has been the rise of digital entities of incredible complexity, which manage to maintain such simplicity that your grandmother can use them.Famously, the iPhone arrives in a box with no user guide. It is so...

Nov 12 2021

The Apartment Dweller’s Guide To Mining Bitcoin

This guide takes you step by step to successfully mining bitcoin from your apartment.You have heard of Bitcoin mining.You were told that it is expensive, complex, likely to kill you and best left to the experts. I assumed the same, that the process required hours of electrical analysis, complicated cash flow models with variable exchange rates and, of course, massive access...

Sep 27 2021

I Am A Time Traveler From The Future, Here To Tell You To Please Keep Going

Bitcoin Magazine has intercepted a message that appears to have come from a time yet unknown...I am sending this message from the year 2089. Things have never been so good in all of human history and some of you will still be here to see it.If you don’t believe me, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry....

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