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Dec 31 2021

Bitcoin Is A One-Way Hash Function

Bitcoin offers an irreversible digital property function that prior to its invention simply did not exist.Understanding Bitcoin is a one-way hash function should make sense because a hash function cannot be reversed. Once you understand that, it is hard to go back to thinking otherwise. The secure hash algorithm or SHA-256 puts Bitcoin in a different lane, where you can share your...

Nov 07 2021

Why Bitcoin Is Considered The Honey Badger Of Money

The honey badger is notorious for its resilience and toughness. Here are six reasons why that reputation applies to Bitcoin.If Bitcoin would be any animal, it would be the honey badger. The honey badger is notorious for its strength, resilience and toughness. A honey badger having a bad day has been known to aggressively intimidate lions and hyenas. Bee...

Oct 12 2021

Taking The Orange Pill: A Theory Or Reality?

Oct 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas orange pill

Bitcoin is the opportunity to free yourself from monetary bondage through knowledge. The goal of orange pilling someone has nothing to do with drugs. It is the notion that...

Oct 08 2021

Closing The Wealth Gap: Black America And Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin represents an opportunity for financial freedom, education and inclusion for African Americans.According to Forbes, the median wealth of Black and Latino families could hit zero by 2053...

Oct 02 2021

Bitcoin Is The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

Oct 02 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas philosophy sound money

Upon understanding it, Bitcoin fundamentally changes the way people see the future of money.For millions, bitcoin equates to hope — for others, it’s an end to centralized control of people’s money — and for some it's both. I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2017 by a work colleague who stated this technology would be the future of money, but I didn’t understand...

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