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Feb 20 2022

Meta Working On Deal With Brazil To Trademark Crypto

Feb 20 2022 Published at under tags  altcoins bitcoin crypot meta coin

Meta is currently awaiting a final green light for an application registration deal done with Brazil and Brazilian authorities that will shake up the game and allow them to expand into a new market. Meta published the application for registration in late January, and is currently awaiting opposition prior to INPI approval in Brazil; as Meta hopes to bridge a gap for Bitcoin...

Jan 30 2022

Nas & Royal With New NFT Drop, Featuring Songs Off Album ‘Rare’

Jan 30 2022 Published at under tags  blockchain nft

Hip-Hop Legend and arguable GOAT Nas sold the rights to two of his songs via a new crypto music platform called Royal. The rapper Nas sold two songs as an NFT; let's dive into what this means for music rights and cryptos. Related...

Jan 23 2022

StockX Drops New Vault NFTs

Jan 23 2022 Published at under tags  bitcoinist blockchain ethereum nft nfts

StockX has been a pillar in online hype wear and the latest sports, urban and street fashion for quite some time, and now, they plan to take it even further with a new NFT launch designed around tying physical products and NFTs together. In recent days, StockX announced on their website and via Twitter that they will be adding new feature to how...

Jan 20 2022

HIFO: The Tax Loophole That Could Be Helping Bitcoin Investors This Tax Season

Jan 20 2022 Published at under tags  altcoins bitcoin bitcoinist tax

'Highest in, first out' aka HIFO is a tax accounting method that can be a very good thing to know as an investor dabbling In crypto this past year. As we approach tax season and related questions continue to rise to the top, let's take a look at a tax methodology that we are seeing mentioned more and more. 'Peep The Tax Methodology'...

Dec 01 2021

Shiba Inu Continues It’s Climb

Shiba Inu has had many up's, and some down's, but on Tuesday the token rallied over 25%, bucking a wider crypto sell-off, after Kraken listed the coin. The Dogecoin-inspired token is now tradable on Kraken against the US dollar and euro, and is making headlines as bulls prepare for a boom. Different data collected showed a...

Nov 23 2021

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Headlines In November

Cryptocurrency markets have now reached what many have described as a point of no return, as the broader market is now worth over $3 trillion dollars, according to CoinGecko. As the world turns, and this month starts to wrap up, we dive back into some of the biggest highlights and also some of the toughest challenges that have been faced in the crypto...

Nov 22 2021

Will AMC Theaters Accept Shiba Inu For Movie Tickets?

Those that have dabbled in the stock market during the pandemic, or followed the trending headlines, have probably ran into AMC and it's massive jump during the 2020 pandemic. AMC now makes headlines once again in the crypto world, announcing it's interest with hot crypto Shiba Inu. AMC Theatre CEO Adam Aron confirmed the company will begin accepting SHIB for online payment within...

Nov 12 2021

Universal Music Announces First NFT Band, Kingship

Universal Music Group, often known as UMG, has been a top record label for a very long time - with a big impact on music both from a business and listening perspective. On Thursday, Universal added to their roster of artists with a bit of a twist. Most people are familiar with music group Gorillaz, who's look and style was basically a NFT...

Nov 10 2021

New York Mayor Approves Of Crypto In Schools

In a recent interview with CNN “State of the Union,” New York mayor elect Eric Adams says cryptocurrency should be taught across the globe. This comes as many mainstream initiatives in crypto begin to boom. Will we see a future with crypto as the head of the economic snake? A Look Into Adams' Interview With CNN The incoming mayor of New York City...

Nov 07 2021

How Solana Came Up In Crypto

The past 2 years have been witness to a major boom in the world of cryptocurrency, from coins both old and new. Solana has found its way in the crypto world where memes have become tokens, top dogs face challenges with new legislation and regulations, and some newcomers have been on the rise to puff out their chest and make a name. Amongst...

Nov 05 2021

NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers Launch NFT Collection

Nov 05 2021 Published at under tags  crytpcurrency nba nft nft sports crypto

In the world of sports, the Philadelphia 76ers have had a lot of headlines with star players and coaches. However, this month Philadelphia has some better news. In an announcement this week, the organization will launch their first-ever 'Legacy NFT Collection', in partnership with official jersey patch sponsor The first of 13 drops within the collection released earlier on Thursday this week,...

Nov 04 2021

Cardano, Hydra & 2 millions Wallets Loaded With ADA

Nov 04 2021 Published at under tags  altcoins bitcoinist cardano crypto

Cardano (ADA) is back at it again - this time with a major milestone and new update. Cardano is gearing up to be in around 2 millions wallets this year. Will this help the already fast growing coin's reputation and market cap as things begin to unfold? It has only been around a year since the coin reached 1 million wallets, and another...

Nov 03 2021

Burger King and Robinhood Team Up To Serve Crypto

Now, enjoying a fast meal can set you up for fast gain- and I'm not talking the weight on your belly. Burger King and investment app Robinhood are now giving away Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to members of its Royal Perks loyalty program when consumers spend $5 on the restaurant’s app. Related Reading | Bitcoin Taproot Is...

Oct 30 2021

Top Dogs: The State Of The Biggest Tokens To Close The Year

This year was filled with a lot of gains and losses, ups and downs, and most importantly - massive growth and development within the crypto community. We have witnessed memes turn into high value tokens, and we got a better look behind the curtains on how crypto can evolve. Our team has gathered a list of the biggest cryptocurrencies and will provide a...

Oct 25 2021

Coming To America: Bitcoin & A New Approach

Over the past years, Bitcoin has raised concerns on the environmental impacts of crypto mining, and as the Lightning Network and other crypto innovations come to life, the time has come when they have figured out some solutions to the question… how will Bitcoin work when environmental impacts are mitigated? “Crypto Has A Carbon-Intensity Problem” Paolo Natali, principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute’s...

Oct 21 2021

The Crypto Gold Rush: A Journey To The Mainstream

In 2012, not many people saw this flash of potential when Bitcoin's growth started to gain media attention. A new wave of gold seekers has come by now, as Bitcoin can be found on some of the biggest platforms and stages across the globe. Less than a decade after crypto's early waves, it has made changed many individual's lives. Let's take a bird's...

Oct 09 2021

Insights From September’s 2021 Cardano Summit

Last month in Wyoming, the Cardano Foundation held a summit filled with lots of great projects to look forward to in the future. The platform is working on elevating crypto and NFTs by teaming up with esports platform Rival, and they are also teaming up with Veritree, providing blueprints and plans to restore the climate in a positive way by vowing to plant...

Oct 04 2021

Cardano Teams Up With Esports Firm Rival

Oct 04 2021 Published at under tags  ada cardano crypto esports rival

In a recent event, Cardano made some waves once again with some big announcements, and a unique one in particular with esports that will shake up the fast growing NFT esports world. This year's Cardano Summit recently wrapped up, showing promising hope for Cardano and ADA as we head into the 4th quarter. Cardano Connecting The Dots September's Cardano Summit was filled with...

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