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Nov 21 2021

Bitcoin Helps Poverty Rather Than Hides It

Nov 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture humanitarian poverty

While the world traditionally says that money can’t buy happiness, Bitcoiners acknowledge that money is a necessity for a fulfilling life.Omnia Mea Mecum Porto (All That Is Mine I Carry With Me)It is often enough said, and not without a grain of truth, that the poorest man is in the end the happiest, although no one can envy him for that...

Nov 14 2021

Bitcoin Offers Freedom In A World Of Slavery By Design

The freedom forged by Bitcoin is entirely unique to a decentralized network owned by no one.It is in decentralization that nature dwells. In centralization, we have seen only masks; we have seen only rogues who deceive fools; charlatans who come to governments to get some money, who send men to war while they go in to plunder their refrigerators with impunity, who...

Nov 06 2021

Why The Ancient Greeks Would Have Referred To Bitcoin As The Work Of Daedalus

In a world of destruction and creation, Bitcoin is the work of Daedalus, a representation of everything just, useful and beautiful.Throughout the whole of history many means of exchange have disappeared. Supposing that money as we know it today, were to also disappear? The world would not miss it for a single day, for its disappearance alone would reveal that it had...

Oct 24 2021

An Ode To Bitcoin, Virtuous And Fair

Oct 24 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas philosophy

Of course institutions disregard Bitcoin — it represents the aspects of freedom and private ownership that are in direct opposition to them.Bitcoin è Galant-Vomo: Bitcoin Is A Man Of Honor The first thing to ask about Bitcoin is what it is, rather than what it is worth. Determining its value is as simple as dividing the amount you want by 21 million,...

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