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Dec 20 2021

Venture Capital And Its Relationship With Bitcoin

Although VC funds have been rushing to support various crypto startups, much of that money has not gone to Bitcoin-focused companies.With the printing press in overdrive, there is an ever-increasing amount of fiat looking for a home. In order to avoid being debased and lose purchasing power, capital allocators are charged with finding investments that can outperform the rate of monetary inflation....

Dec 05 2021

Examining The Lindy Effect And Bitcoin

What is the phenomenon referred to as the Lindy Effect, and how does it relate to Bitcoin?As Bitcoin quickly approaches its teenage years, it’s time to dig into why the fact that it has survived this long makes it incredibly likely that it will continue to survive, and thrive long into the future. In this article we examine The Lindy effect. We...

Nov 20 2021

History Shows That Bitcoin’s Sound Money Standard Benefits Society

A sound money standard, like that of bitcoin, has numerous benefits for society in comparison to inflationary, fiat-based standards.It is well established at this point that bitcoin is the best form of sound money the world has ever seen. To recap, bitcoin excels in each of the qualities of money: durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, scarcity and acceptability. Most importantly, bitcoin is the...

Nov 16 2021

How Does Gresham’s Law Relate To Bitcoin?

How do we define good and bad money, and how does that relate to the economics surrounding bitcoin?To many, bitcoin is the soundest money the world has ever seen. In this article we dive into Gresham’s law and discuss how bitcoin will eventually overtake the dollar, and all other fiat currencies. We cover what Gresham’s law is, how it relates to bitcoin,...

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