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Jan 20 2022

Bitcoin Is A Black Hole For Theoretical Models

Bitcoin both fits into and defies all of the major theoretical models developed in recent history, speaking to just how early we are.For the purposes of this article, the following theoretical epochs will be identified, described and applied to Bitcoin adoption, resistance and narratives: classical theory, neo-classical theory, systems theory, human relations theory, power and politics, chaos theory, critical...

Nov 27 2021

The U.S. Dollar Implosion: Questions To Consider For Non-Bitcoiners

One approach to orange pilling no-coiners is to simply draw attention to the various economic uncertainties facing the U.S. Dollar today.November 2021SummaryThe purpose of the article is to examine the current state of the U.S. dollar in reference to the average American’s mentality during economic hardship. The article will serve as a potential onboarding ramp for non- bitcoin holders through an...

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