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Apr 09 2021

Christie’s to Auction Nine Rare CryptoPunks NFTs

World-renowned auction house Christie’s is planning to sell more non-fungible tokens following the record sale of Beeple’s $69 million digital artwork. In an announcement on April 9, Christie’s stated that it was planning to auction nine rare NFTs from the popular and pricey CryptoPunks collection. A single lot...

Apr 08 2021

Curve and Yearn Tokens Diverge as CRV Powers Ahead of YFI

DeFi protocols Curve and Yearn Finance are connected as one relies heavily on the other for liquidity provision and pools. Respective token prices, however, are currently in a state of divergence. The divergence was observed by Messari researcher Mira Christanto, who noted that the two DeFi protocols are intrinsically linked so when one goes...

DeFi Network Fuse Bridges to Binance Smart Chain

The Ethereum-based payments network, Fuse, has bridged over to the Binance Smart Chain in order to achieve faster and cheaper transactions. In an announcement on April 7, Fuse Network unveiled the launch of a two-way bridge to Binance Smart Chain. Fuse is a rapidly growing blockchain and dApp ecosystem that focuses on consumer-friendly...

Apr 07 2021

Kyber Network Launches World’s First Dynamic Market Maker

Decentralized finance network Kyber has launched its long-awaited dynamic market maker (DMM) to mainnet, claiming it as the world’s first. In an April 5 announcement, Kyber Network stated that after months of extensive research, it has finally launched the first dynamic market maker for the DeFi ecosystem. The new platform claims to be a first for open permissionless...

Mar 27 2021

PancakeSwap DEX Closes on Uniswap for Daily Volumes

The Binance Smart Chain-based PancakeSwap decentralized exchange has grown so fast that it is closing in on industry leader Uniswap for daily volume. In a March 25 tweet, PancakeSwap proudly announced that it has been added to Debank’s DeFi listings and actually surpassed Uniswap to rank at the top. By the following day, Uniswap had regained its crown, but the two DEXes were...

Mar 26 2021

Report: DeFi Not Reaching Markets That Most Need It

Mar 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain technology dapps defi

Decentralized finance has grown out of the need to gain financial independence from governments and banks. However, those most in need are not getting access to it. Recent findings from The Defiant have revealed that too few developing nations are using decentralized finance (DeFi). Nations that have autocratic regimes or dictatorships for governments or those with hyperinflation and major monetary problems are in...

Mar 25 2021

DeFi Protocol Synthetix Forges Ahead With L2 Testing

Decentralized finance platform Synthetix has been one of the first to embrace Layer 2 scaling, and it has just posted a progress update. In a March 24 blog post, Synthetix, the synthetic asset trading platform, stated that its transition to Layer 2, which began in January 2020, has been “amazing to watch so...

Mar 23 2021

Binance Details DeFi Scams in Latest Academy Report

Mar 23 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  binance defi finance and funding scams

In the latest article as part of its academy section, centralized exchange Binance has detailed the most common scams and dangers when dealing with decentralized finance. The DeFi scene is evolving at such a pace that not a day goes by without some new innovative way to invest emerging. Due to the largely experimental nature of many of these protocols and mechanisms, they...

Mar 19 2021

Flexible Leverage and Tokenized Volatility Trading Coming To DeFi

The options for investment in decentralized finance are forever expanding, and two protocols are bringing new products to the table. The first product was introduced in a March 18 announcement. The Index Cooperative, in collaboration with DeFi Pulse, unveiled the launch of a new product called the Flexible Leverage Index, or FLI, which is pronounced “fly”. According to the...

Mar 18 2021

Polkadot Building Bridges for Cross-Chain Compatibility

The Polkadot network has unveiled plans to develop bridging systems to connect existing ecosystems and even external networks. In an announcement, the high- throughput network introduced the concept of "Polkadot Bridges" as a part of the multichain future of the internet. It stated...

Mar 16 2021

SushiSwap Expands To Avalanche’s Growing DeFi Ecosystem

Leading decentralized exchange SushiSwap is branching out again with a launch on Avalanche, the open-source platform for launching dApps and enterprise blockchains. In an announcement on March 16, Avalanche stated that it was bringing another large DEX to its ever-growing ecosystem. Users will be able to...

Mar 04 2021

Curve DAO Token Cranks 40% Over Mistaken News

Speculators have been buying the wrong news, sending DeFi protocol Curve Finance’s token on a wild ride as PayPal planned to acquire an unrelated company. According to reports on March 2, PayPal is buying crypto custody technology provider Curv, taking a deeper dive into the world of digital assets. The move was widely reported by major outlets, such as...

Mar 03 2021

Opium Network Launches Liquidity Mining on SushiSwap

Opium, the decentralized finance protocol, has launched new liquidity mining pools on the SushiSwap decentralized exchange while extending them on 1inch. Opium is a synthetic derivatives platform that launched in May 2020. The protocol allows users to create, settle, and trade decentralized derivatives on Ethereum, and it can combine any oracle with any financial instrument. The latest...

Mar 02 2021

Plasma Finance To Disrupt DeFi With PlasmaSwap

The decentralized finance ecosystem is expanding so rapidly that not a day goes by without a new and innovative solution to money markets emerges. This week it is Plasma Finance, which plans to revolutionize DeFi with its new PlasmaSwap automated market maker and existing PPAY token. Plasma Finance provides a...

Feb 26 2021

Layer 2 Demand Surges as Perpetual Protocol Volume Tops $2 Billion

Feb 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  defi dex layer 2 loopring perpetual contract

There is still plenty of room for new decentralized exchanges it seems, and one that launched in December has just hit a milestone in trade volume amid a general surge in Layer 2 demand. Perpetual Protocol offers decentralized perpetual contracts using Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solutions. It was...

Feb 25 2021

SuperFarm Moves To Layer 2 For Low Cost NFT Minting

Non-fungible token minting protocol SuperFarm has made moves to reduce costs by implementing Layer 2 scaling solutions. SuperFarm is an Ethereum-based cross-chain DeFi protocol allowing projects to deploy NFT and crypto farms with little technical know-how. It launched an IDO (initial DEX offering) on Polkastarter on February 22 and has now partnered with Immutable X to deliver low-cost NFT minting and trading using...

Feb 23 2021

DODO DeFi DEX Launches Version 2 as Token Prices Pump

Chinese-based decentralized exchange DODO has launched its version 2 public beta with more liquidity mining rewards. DODO was launched in August 2020 as a proactive market maker (PMM), claiming to be more advanced than regular decentralized exchanges as it can respond to changing markets and liquidity constraints in real-time. It runs on Binance Smart Chain, offering significant savings on traction costs and speeds....

Feb 20 2021

Daily DeFi Borrowing Volume Tops $7.5 Billion

Feb 20 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  aave compound defi dodo finance and funding

The decentralized finance lending and borrowing ecosystem continues to expand with new milestones being made in terms of collateral volumes. Industry analytics provider Messari has been delving into the top DeFi protocols, revealing that the cumulative daily borrowing volume is currently $7.6 billion. This is all of the previous volumes together, not the amount of crypto collateral borrowed every day....

Feb 19 2021

Bitwise Launches Institutional DeFi Index Fund as TVL Tops $50B

Crypto asset management firm Bitwise has entered the burgeoning decentralized finance market with its own index fund containing nine DeFi tokens. Bitwise launched the new product on February 17, touting it as the “world’s DeFi crypto index fund.” It is only available to accredited investors. However, it shows an increase in interest from large institutional companies. Bitwise was founded in 2017 and already...

Feb 17 2021

The Hottest Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in February 2021

If 2020 was the year for DeFi, then 2021 is shaping up to be the year for NFTs as sales and volumes are hitting new record highs. Here are the hottest tokens at the moment. Non-fungible token marketplace OpenSea has just released its NFT rankings, and there are a number of hot new tokens that have entered its top ten in February. At...