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Jan 16 2022

The Habits Of Highly Effective HODLers

Jan 16 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture hodl ideas marty's bent opinion

How can you maximize your bitcoin stack and the benefits you gain from it, while HODLing?As the title suggests, I’ll go over what I believe makes a good Bitcoiner with the hope of persuading you that being a HODLer is actually an important job that entails certain responsibilities.The outline roughly will be:The philosophical prerequisites of the HODLer’s mindsetImpediments to...

Jan 11 2022

Instant Bitcoin: My First 30 Days On Lightning

Instant Bitcoin: My First 30 Days On LightningThis is a journal of my experience with Lightning that will be useful to any newcomers to Bitcoin or Lightning. As a disclaimer, there are many more ways to do things than I have shown here. There are a range of products and solutions for getting started, some more complicated than others. While there are...

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