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Jan 14 2022

North Korean Hackers Stole $400M Worth Crypto in 2021

North Korean hackers launched at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021, stealing around $400 million worth of digital assets, blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis revealed in the...

Jan 13 2022

House of Lords Raised Serious Concerns over UK CBDC Launch

. An all-party committee of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords warned on the concerns of financial instability from the proposed launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

US Banks Form Consortium for a Stablecoin Launch

. Four United States licensed banks formed a consortium to launch a bank- minted stablecoin, called USDF. This, according to them, will challenge the stablecoins that are mostly non-bank issued.

Jan 12 2022

Coingate to Launch Gift Card Store on Binance Mobile App

CoinGate, a cryptocurrency payments gateway, is going to launch a gift card store on Thursday on the Binance Mobile App. This will enable Binance users to purchase gift cards using cryptocurrencies.

Jan 11 2022

NYDIG-Subsidiary Bottlepay Gets FCA Approval as Crypto Business

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is slowly approving the registration of crypto companies one at a time: the most recent one being NYDIG subsidiary Bottlepay, which is a Bitco...

Binance Is Facing Issues with Solana Withdrawals

Binance announced on Tuesday that withdrawals on the cryptocurrency exchange through the Solana blockchain are facing problems due to congestion in the network.

Virtu Financials Targeted in Crypto Scams

Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIRT), which is an electronic market maker, issued a public warning on Monday, alarming against the cryptocurrency scams that are fraudulently claiming to be Virtu af...

Jan 10 2022

TP ICAP Starts Crypto ETP Trading for European Clients

TP ICAP, which is the largest inter-broker dealer, has started offering crypto-linked exchange-traded products (ETPs) trading to its clients in Europe.

BUX Launches Crypto Trading Services on Zero-Commission Platform

Dutch online brokerage BUX announced on Monday that it has enabled cryptocurrency investment for the clients of its flagship platform, BUX Zero.

Jan 07 2022

US SEC Charges Australian Man for $41M ICO Fraud

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged and settled with Craig Sproule and his two companies, Crowd Machine and Metavine, for fraudulently raising $40.

Jan 06 2022

BitMEX Taps Tokeny for Native Exchange Token Launch

BitMEX, an offshore crypto derivatives platform, announced on Thursday that it has tapped the services of Tokeny for the upcoming launch of its native exchange token.

Thailand to Impose 15% Capital Gains Tax on Crypto Profits

Authorities in Thailand have decided to implement a taxation structure on all cryptocurrency gains, levying 15 percent capital gains on all crypto profits.

INX Acquires SEC-Registered Tokensoft Transfer Agent

INX Limited (INX ATS: INX), a securities token platform, announced on Wednesday its acquisition of Tokensoft Transfer Agent LLC (TTA), which is an SEC-registered transfer agent owned by Tokensoft.

Jan 04 2022

Cryptocurrencies Are Facing an Absolute Ban in 9 Countries

China is surprisingly not the only country with an outright ban on cryptocurrency, as eight other jurisdictions have also applied an absolute ban on digital currencies.

Jan 03 2022

Raids on Six Indian Crypto Exchanges Uncovered $9.4M in Unpaid Taxes

Indian tax authorities have raided around half a dozen of the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges under the suspicion of tax evasion.

Dec 29 2021

ASIC Reveals Its Tactics to Bust Pump-And-Dump Groups

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) infiltrated a Telegram group of investors that was coordinating a pump and dump scheme last October and dropped a warning message.

Dec 28 2021

Exclusive: Kirobo Receives Investment from Solana LATAM Fund

Tel Aviv-based crypto startup, Kirobo has secured a strategic investment from the Solana LATAM fund, which is a regional investment arm of the Solana Foundation and the issuer and manager of the BR...

B2BX Exchange Adds 61 New Crypto Trading Pairs

B2BX, which is a part of the B2Broker Group, has further expanded its crypto exchange offerings with the addition of 61 new crypto trading pairs and also enhanced some of the features.

Ferrari Signs Multi-Year Deal with NFT Firm Velas Network

Ferarri has become the latest mainstream company to partner with Velas Network, which is known for creating digital products and works in the blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) sector.

Dec 27 2021

Will Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shed Another ‘0’ in 2022?

The popularity of meme tokens exploded in 2021, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) was a front runner. The value of SHIB peaked last October, reaching $0.