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Sep 16 2021

ESMA Remains Concerned about Crypto Volatility and ‘Market Exuberance’

The European regulator also highlighted a possible relationship between cryptos and environmental collateral damages.

Why Solana Jumped 10,000% in 2021?

Analysts believe that the institutional inflows are playing a major role in Solana’s recent price rally.

Grayscale’s Cryptocurrency AUM Surpasses $43 Billion Level

The digital asset manager now has approximately $31 billion worth of Bitcoin under management.

Canaan’s Net Income Reaches $38 Million in Q2 2021

The company reported a substantial increase in net revenues and gross profit.

Coinbase Applies for a US National Futures Association Membership

The exchange will also need a CFTC license to list crypto derivatives in the country.

US Court Jails $90M Crypto Fund Owner for Over 7 Years

He touted his investment strategies to me risk-proof but ended up in embezzlement.

Bitcoin Crosses $48,000 after Strong Network Activity

BTC mining hash rate has recovered substantially since June 2021.

Sep 15 2021

Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Expands Its Suite of Trading Services

The company announced the extension of Huobi Derivatives Warrant trading services.

What Is the Optimum Price Level for XRP?

The token is currently trading at a 67 percent discount from its early-2018 peak.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Increases Significantly in Africa

The total value of Africa’s crypto market jumped by nearly 1,200% between July 2020 and June 2021.

Crypto Exchanges Now Have 13% of the Total Bitcoin Supply

BTC's exchange balance has decreased significantly since the start of 2021.

Sep 14 2021

Survey Finds 52% of Investors Secured Exposure on Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Fidelity's study also highlighted that 69% of all respondents had a neutral- to-positive view on CBDCs backed by the US dollar.

NFT’s: A Whole New World Awaits

NFTs aren’t just the newest internet fad and see why they are likely here to stay.

Crypto Market Cap Stays above $2 Trillion

Bitcoin and Ethereum led the recent crypto market recovery.

NYAG Receives Court Order to Shutter Crypto Exchange Coinseed

The court has appointed a permanent receiver to protect the clients’ funds.

Coinbase Is Raising $1.5 Billion through Debt Instruments

Only non-US qualified institutional buyers will be allowed to purchase the instruments.

Solana Surpasses Weekly Institutional Inflows of Bitcoin and Ethereum

SOL investment products attracted nearly $50 million worth of inflows last week.

Broctagon Launches Network for Aggregated Crypto Liquidity Pool

It is aiming to create a standardized price of cryptocurrencies across exchanges.

Sep 13 2021

HIVE Blockchain Warns on Fraudsters Impersonating Them With Bogus Websites

The crypto mining data center operator announced it will take legal actions against the operators of the imposter websites.

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