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Jan 14 2022

The Ultimate IDEX Review

Jan 14 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  exchange reviews

People's interest in crypto and blockchain technology has recently skyrocketed, and cryptocurrency tokens are being treated as an asset class and traded on exchanges, centralized and decentralized (DEXs) alike. With the development of DeFi, more crypto users are turning to DeFi protocols for exchanging and trading crypto assets. However, choosing the right platform to suit your needs among a staggering number of cryptocurrency...

How to Buy Dai

Jan 14 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

DAI is a fully collateralized stablecoin created and regulated by Maker DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), founded by Rune Christensen, the current CEO. DAI seeks to solve the volatility of cryptocurrencies by keeping its value soft-pegged to one U.S. dollar. Are you looking to buy DAI but don't know where to start? So read on to learn everything you need to know about the...

Jan 13 2022

DeFi and Regulations

Jan 13 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  defi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based alternative finance system focused on providing decentralized financial services created by developers that anyone can take advantage of and access from anywhere in the world. These are non-custodial financial services that differ from centralized alternatives, as they are run by groups of individuals through decentralized organizations and give users greater control over their funds. With decentralized...

Jan 11 2022

CoinStats Giveaway Winners Announcement

Jan 11 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  uncategorized

Congratulations to all the winners that snatched their share from our holiday giveaway prize pool! We want to thank everybody who participated in the CoinStats Holiday giveaway. We were super excited to see such a high interest in the giveaway from the community, and it motivated us to work harder, come up with new giveaways, and eventually make this an always-on thing on...

Jan 10 2022

[Updated] The 11 Absolute Best Crypto Trackers in 2022

Jan 10 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  cryptocurrency research

Wondering which is the best crypto portfolio tracker in the crypto market? Read on for our ultimate guide for the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers in 2021....

Jan 03 2022

DeFi Lending | How It Works, Rates and Platforms

Jan 03 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  defi

While the concept of financial 'lending' has been around for eons, DeFi lending is a recent innovation and operates through the DeFi lending platform or DeFi protocols that offer cryptocurrency loans in a trustless manner. Unlike the regular financial ecosystem, the DeFi space operates without any third part of central authority. DeFi lending allows the holders to stake their coins in the DeFi...

Jan 02 2022

What are Crypto Loans and How They Work

Jan 02 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  general

The world of cryptocurrencies has come a long way from 2008 when it was envisioned by the mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto in the paper for Bitcoin. The journey has been nothing short of astronomical, with cryptocurrencies giving financial freedom to people all across the globe. Cryptocurrencies have gained much more adoption in the past 5 years than the years before...

Jan 01 2022

How to Buy The Sandbox (SAND) | Where, How and Why

Jan 01 2022 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

If you are wondering how to buy SAND and searching for answers, then you are on the right track. Continue reading this article till the end to find out not only how to buy, but also where to buy and for how much. You will also be able to determine whether it is worthwhile. Feel free to browse through it and read more...

Dec 30 2021

Holiday Message from CoinStats CEO Narek

Dec 30 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  coinstats product updates

Dear CoinStats Community, It is a great pleasure for me to look back on the year 2021: Seeing my vision take shape at such an accelerated rate has been truly amazing, and I only have you, CoinStats users, and the team to thank. That’s right, this year CoinStats’ stats are through the roof. We experienced a 400% user growth and a whopping 1000%...

DeFi Stocks and How to Invest in It

Dec 30 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  defi defi stocks

DeFi, Decentralised Finance refers to an ecosystem of financial applications built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Developed on a transparent and trustless blockchain network, it aims to operate in a decentralized way without the dependency on middlemen in financial transactions. DeFi uses open- source technologies, blockchain, and protocols to achieve the goal of decentralization. Smart contracts encode the terms and activities necessary for...

Dec 29 2021

15 Biggest Crypto Exchanges by Average Daily Volume 2021

Dec 29 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  general market analysis

2021 was a defining year for everything crypto and DeFi. We saw the emergence and rapid growth of a great number of projects and exchanges, and ultimately came to see the future of digital currencies in Web3, a blockchain-integrated internet intermeshed with reality. With so many exciting things going on, so many new exchange platforms and users, making a decision about which crypto...

The Dogecoin Millionaire Reveals His Next Memecoin Play

Glauber Contessoto, a 33-year-old LA resident, became a Dogecoin (DOGE) millionaire this year in April after putting his life savings on the line. A few days ago in an exclusive interview, the Dogecoin millionaire told CoinStats that despite all the discouragement from family and friends, he decided to invest everything he had in Dogecoin after reading...

Dec 28 2021

What Are Flash Loans

Dec 28 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  defi

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has immense potential apart from being just assets that one can invest and trade-in. What many people fail to realize is that investment and trading cryptocurrency tokens are just a small part of the technology. Blockchain technology is here to revolutionize the way people see banking and finances. It aims to truly empower people and provide them financial freedom....

Dec 26 2021

How to Buy Decentraland (MANA) | Where, How, and Why

Dec 26 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

Decentraland is a fully decentralized virtual world where users own virtual items, i.e., Land, goods, and services. MANA is the governance token of Decentraland and is also used as the cryptocurrency of the virtual world that allows its investors to purchase digitally. Read on for our in-depth guide on Decentraland, the MANA token, and learn more about how the world works and how...

Dec 24 2021

How to Buy Prometeus Coin | Where, How and Why

Dec 24 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

Prometeus Coin is a data-driven DeFi project. The Prometeus Network (PROM) is a completely decentralized project that aims to solve real-world problems in data brokerage. PROM is Prometeus' native utility token. Check the Prometeus current price, market cap, circulating supply, trading volume, historical prices, etc., along with in-depth information on several of the biggest and fastest-growing cryptocurrencies on...

How to Buy Enjin Coin | Where, How, Why

Dec 24 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Since 2019 alone, cryptocurrency adoption has grown by nearly 2300 percent, according to the 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report by Chainanalysis. Along with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and meme cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin...

Dec 23 2021

How to Buy Qredo | Where, How and Why

Dec 23 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

Qredo is rearchitecting digital asset ownership and blockchain connectivity. The Qredo network is an open-source permissionless protocol operating beyond geographical boundaries. It comes with a completely new method to bring liquidity and capital efficiency to the blockchain economy. Moreover, Qredo or QRDO has introduced the first custodial network based on decentralized, trustless multi-party computation (MPC). This advancement enables Qredo to offer...

Dec 22 2021

How to Buy Polygon | Where, How and Why

Dec 22 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

Originally known as Matic Network, Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution that improves the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum network through the use of Layer 2 sidechains. The Polygon Network enhances the Network's transaction processing speed and reduces transaction costs, also known as gas fees. As its name suggests, Polygon has a broad scope - it provides a framework for launching sovereign...

Dec 17 2021

Aksel Piran & Artak Malkhasyan: Two Interviews on NFT Collecting

Dec 17 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  uncategorized

NFTs are all the rage these days. Recently, CryptoPunk #9998 sold for $530 millions, becoming the most expensive NFT thus far. We sat down with two NFT enthusiasts to see if we should believe the hype and what's next for this corner of the cryptoverse....

How to Buy PLEX | Where, How and Why

Dec 17 2021 Published at CoinStats Blog under tags  how to guides

MinePlex is a new generation mobile crypto bank with its own blockchain, liquid token, and mobile app. It successfully combines the traditional financial instruments, blockchain technology, and the capabilities of mobile applications to offer full-fledged banking services available 24/7....

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