Tag: 2021 roadmap

Feb 19 2021

Band Protocol (BAND) Releases 2021 Roadmap

Band Protocol recently released its 2021 roadmap, which includes the launch of BandChain Phase 2. The roadmap reveals that by the end of 2021, developers should have the ability to integrate Band Protocol oracles in a self-service and fully documented manner. To fulfill this goal, several activities have also been planned for the year....

Jan 31 2021

Celer Network Releases Channel Substrate Modules, Rolls Out 2021 Roadmap

Celer Network recently announced support for Polkadot with the release of its state channel substrate modules. This news comes shortly after Celer Network rolled out its 2021 roadmap. The Celer state channel network has been running on the Ethereum mainnet for one and a half years....

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